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St. Thomas/ Peace Lutheran Rector Port Clinton Full Time Dec, 31
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Nantucket, MA Rector Nantucket Full Time Dec, 19
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Lynnfield, MA Rector Lynnfield Full Time Dec, 19
St. Alban’s Church, Staten Island Rector Staten Island Full Time Dec, 19
The Church of the Holy Trinity, Manhattan Rector New York Full Time Dec, 18
Holy Trinity Rector Ocean City Full Time Dec, 18
St. Paul's Cleveland Heights Rector Cleveland Height's Full Time Dec, 17
Christ Church, Oyster Bay, NY Rector Oyster Bay Full Time Dec, 05
St. Paul's Interim Rector Jackson Full Time Dec, 02
All Saints Rectro Omaha Full Time Dec, 02
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church Rector Pennington Full Time Dec, 02
Diocesan Staff Young Adult Missioner, Winston-Salem Winston-Salem Full Time Nov, 18
Christ Episcopal Church, Poughkeepsie Rector Poughkeepsie Full Time Nov, 06
St. Luke's Church in Scranton Rector Scranton Full Time Oct, 24
Edenton, St Paul's Episcopal Church Rector Edenton Full Time Oct, 14
Christ Church Priest-in-Charge Fairmont Full Time Sep, 25
Hickory Neck Church Rector Toano Full Time Sep, 23
St. Paul's Rector Flint Full Time Sep, 23
Trinity Rector Janesville Full Time Sep, 22
St. John's Rector Midland Full Time Sep, 22
St. David's, Bean Blossom Priest in Charge Bean Blossom 3/4 Time Sep, 20
Grace Church Rector Morganton Full Time Sep, 19
Grace Church/St. Agnes Church vicar Ridgway/St. Mary's Full Time Sep, 19
Trinity Episcopal Church Prieat-in-Charge Wrentham Full Time Sep, 19
St. John's of Lattingtown Rector Locust Valley Full Time Sep, 17