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St Thomas, Owings Mills Rector Owings Mills Full Time Jul, 11
Trinity Rector Staunton Full Time Jul, 01
Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Wilmington, NC Rector, 1/2 time Wilmington Half Time Jun, 30
Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Maple Glen Rector Maple Glen Full Time Jun, 18
St. Johns Rector Cuyahoga Falls Full Time Jun, 03
St. Paul’s Medina Rector Medina Full Time Jun, 03
The Church of Saint Luke and The Epiphany Rector Philadelphia Full Time Jun, 01
St. Peter's Church-on-the-Canal Rector Buzzards Bay Half Time Jun, 01
St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church Rector Marion Full Time Jun, 01
Zion Episcopal Church, Washington, NC Rector, 1/2 time Washington Half Time May, 22
Washington Memorial Chapel Rector Valley Forge Full Time May, 18
St. John's Concord Rector Glen Mills Full Time May, 18
Church of Our Saviour Rector Somerset Part Time May, 01
St. David's Rector Cranbury Full Time Apr, 29
St. Paul's Episcopal Church Rector Clinton Full Time Apr, 29
Grace Episcopal and St. Alban's Episcopal Churches Priest-In-Charge Ft. Wayne Full Time Apr, 28
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Priest-in-Charge Goldsboro Half Time Mar, 26
St. Luke's Assistant Kalamazoo Half Time Mar, 10
Saint Anselm's Church Interim Shoreham Full Time Mar, 10
St. Alban's Rector Salisbury Full Time Mar, 10