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Christ Church, Lucketts (Loudoun County) Priest as Part of Christ Church's Shared Ministry Team Lucketts 1/4 Time Dec, 01
St. Andrew's Oregon Hill, Richmond Priest-in-Charge (to Rector) Richmond 3/4 Time Dec, 01
St. Peter's, Richmond Priest-in Charge (to Rector) Richmond 3/4 Time Nov, 30
St. Andrews-in-the-Valley, Tamworth Rector Tamworth Full Time Nov, 21
St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church Rector Pittsboro Full Time Nov, 21
Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina Canon Missioner for Diocesan Reparations and Restitution Ministry Raleigh Full Time Nov, 21
St. Thomas, Pittstown with Calvary, Flemmington Priest in charge Pittstown Full Time Nov, 18
Calvary, Flemington with St. Thomas, Pittstown Priest in Charge Calvary and Pittstown Full Time Nov, 18
St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery, Manhattan Priest-in-Charge New York Full Time Nov, 17
St. James Montross and St. Paul's Nomini Grove Priest-in-Charge Montross Half Time Nov, 06
St. John's Episcopal Church Priest-in-Charge Gloucester Full Time Oct, 31
St. David's Episcopal Church Rector Bean Blossom Half Time Oct, 28
St. John's Episcopal Church Rector Holbrook Half Time Oct, 24
St. Augustine Priest in charge Atlantic City Full Time Sep, 13
Diocesan Staff Missioner for Latino/Hispanic Ministries Raleigh Full Time Sep, 02
St. Paul's Episcopal Church Rector Monroe Full Time Aug, 25
Church of the Holy Innocents Rector, Time Certain Henderson Full Time Aug, 25
Calvary Episcopal Church Rector, Time Certain Wadesboro Full Time Aug, 21
St. John's Priest-in-Charge Centreville Full Time Aug, 09
St. Asaph's Church Priest-in-Charge Bowling Green (north of Richmond) Half Time Jul, 15
Christ Church Rector Springfield Full Time Jul, 15
Christ Church Rector Reading Full Time Jul, 07