St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

at Rector
Location Warwick
Date Posted April 9, 2024
Category Rhode Island (Dena Cleaver-Bartholomew)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Town
Compensation $69,727 includes housing
Diocesan Compensation Info
Health Benefits Negotiable
Housing Housing for 4
Is there a rectory? Yes
If there IS a rectory, is it optional or required that cleric live there? Live-in Rectory Preferred
If there IS a rectory, is the compensation figure above inclusive of fair market value of rectory? Yes
If there IS a rectory, how many bedrooms and bathrooms? 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
Equity Allowance No
Communicants in Good Standing 126
Average Sunday Attendance 52
Adult Population in Church School 15
Teacher Population in Church School 1
Budget $182,399


Additional comments re: compensation, benefits and housing.

Minimum compensation determined by diocesan guidelines and negotiable based on years of similar service. Rector living in rectory strongly preferred. Professional allowance $4000 per year includes mileage reimbursement. Eligible for sabbatical after five years. Priest pays 17% of health care premiums per diocesan guidelines.

Liturgical style and practice

St. Mark’s is a “broad” (middle) church with three service options: 5:00 Saturday that is held outside as “mass on the grass” in the summer, 8:00 & 10:00 Sunday except for summer when held at 9:00. The 1979 Book of Common Prayer is used for Rite II (Rite I occasionally), and eucharistic prayers are varied. A small but mighty choir sings at the 10:00 service using the 1982 Hymnal, Wonder, Love and Praise hymn book, and anthems selected by the Choir Director. The Bulletin is provided which is a guide to the service including the lessons, hymn numbers, names of readers, altar servers, altar guild, flower/candle memorials, fundraising and fellowship activity dates, and vestry member names and phone numbers. All
are encouraged to reach out to the vestry, and we are proud to offer an open door policy for
communication of any kind. The E News is emailed the Thursday of each week by the church secretary or priest and includes a special message from our priest and links to their recent sermons. It also lists the information in that weekend’s bulletin. Coffee hour is held after the 10:00 service.


St. Mark’s community food pantry fulfills the needs of those who are food insecure and feeds the souls of communicants. Approximately 85 families are supported monthly. Every month, our guests share their gratitude and stories about how the groceries supplement their ability to provide meals to their family and neighbors. The food pantry offers space for people to enter into community with one another and share their joys, pains, and worries by “Being the Church.” The Holy Spirit is alive in our church community as we continue to replenish all the shelves and fill 80 sets of groceries every single month (whether through additional donations from parishioners or grants).

We are a close knit community offering phone calls, cards, flowers, prayer shawls and blankets, and birthday and anniversary cards. We offer rides to church for those in need. We strive to be present with God and “be the church” when away or in church. Prayers for the People are shared at all services. EFM,
bible study, book studies and Lenten retreats have been held, and it is our wish for these opportunities to continue.


One of the leading, unresolved conflicts still debated is the Liturgical expressions Rite 1 versus Rite 2 (and psalms being sung or said at Sunday liturgies). This is due to the lack of a formal process to discuss and debate changes. It is our desire to develop a forum of open communication in all church matters, and we would look to our new priest to guide us forward. We have yet to organize a meeting or any group discussion where we could share our opinions and possibly be able to reach common ground or a compromise. The failure of inclusive conversations regarding these issues and to not have any buy in from parishioners has left some current and former members bitter and frustrated to not have a voice.


By maintaining the physical property of the church and rectory, we as a community are preparing for the church’s future. For instance, we have recently upgraded the HVAC in the rectory to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. Technology has also been introduced to live-stream services & has become common practice, using Zoom for EFM, and updating both our website and Facebook account. The church community as a whole has been meeting and engaging in the transition process of hiring a new Rector.

We hope to restore our robust Coffee hour after a well attended 10 o'clock Mass. That is our greatest opportunity for our parishioners to extend personal invitations to activities/communities not only to newcomers, but to engage with church goers of long tenure.

Contact Information

The Rev. Canon Dr. Dena Cleaver-Bartholomew, Canon to the Ordinary 40-274-4500 x232