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Emmanuel Church, Rapidan Priest-in-Charge Rapidan Half Time Apr, 25
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Rector Hanover Half Time Mar, 01
St. Marks Chapel, Storrs Priest-in-charge Storrs Half Time Dec, 13
St. James Montross and St. Paul's Nomini Grove Priest-in-Charge Montross Half Time Nov, 06
St. John's Episcopal Church Rector Holbrook Half Time Oct, 24
Christ Church, Clinton Rector/Priest-in-Charge Clinton Half Time Sep, 13
St. Mary Magdalene Rector/Priest-in-Charge Aspen Hill Half Time Sep, 13
St. Asaph's Church Priest-in-Charge Bowling Green (north of Richmond) Half Time Jul, 15
Chapel of St. John the Divine Priest in Charge Saunderstown Half Time May, 26
Christ Church, North Conway Rector or Priest in Charge North Conway Half Time Apr, 18
St. Paul's Episcopal Church Part-time Rector Georgetown Half Time Apr, 13
St. John's, Walpole Priest-in-Charge Walpole Half Time Mar, 20
St. John the Baptist, Sanbornville Priest-in-Charge Sanbornville Half Time Mar, 20
Grace Episcopal Church Rector Syracuse Half Time Jan, 30
St. John's Priest-in-Charge Bedford Half Time Mar, 11
St. Peter's Church, Monroe Priest in Charge Monroe Half Time Dec, 14
St. Peter's Church-on-the-Canal Rector Buzzards Bay Half Time Jun, 01
Trinity Episcopal Church Rector Bridgewater Half Time Dec, 04