Christ Church, Clermont-Ferrand, France

at Priest in Charge
Location Clermont-Ferrand, France
Date Posted March 9, 2020
Category Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe (Walter Baer)
Job Type Part Time
Setting Urban
Compensation 20,000 Euros
Health Benefits Negotiable
Housing Negotiable
Equity Allowance No
Communicants in Good Standing 65
Anglo-Catholic no
Broad Church yes
Average Sunday Attendance 32
Charismatic no
Child Population in Church School 20
Contemporary yes
Emergent yes
Teacher Population in Church School 3
Morning Prayer yes
Budget 50,000 Euros
Non-Traditional no
Prayer Book yes
Renewal yes
Rite I no
Rite II yes



The congregation of Christ Church Clermont-Ferrand represents an eclectic mix of national origins, denominational backgrounds, and family situations. Within this community you will find:

  • A number of expatriates from the United States, United Kingdom, and African countries.
  • Many of our members are expatriating in France in order to work for Michelin.
  • A number of our members have made permanent homes in the Auvergne region for a variety of reasons.
  • Although we are an Episcopal church, we have members from a variety of denominations.


Each year we are encouraged to assess our time, talents, and treasure in order to review our pledges and consider what we can do for God’s kingdom. We have faithful people who give generously; however, we are not a rich church. Out of our present forty adult members only about ten are in full-time employment, most of whom are on an assignment for a few years working forMichelin’s Headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand from the U.S. Other members are retired, semi-retired, unable to work due to visas, or living on minimal means. Depending on which Sunday you visit us, you may be introduced to a refugee or a high-level business executive. The generosity of both extremes is humbling. Around 90% of our income is from members pledges and, with a transient membership, these factors make long term budgeting difficult.

In 2019, Convocation generously gave us a grant to cover our financial commitments until our previous rector left us in February. For the remaining ten months, we have covered our bills plus the costs of accommodation and hospitality of visiting priests who come once or twice a month. Our expected income to the end of 2019 is approximately 53,000€, which includes 17,000€Convocation grant and a one-off gift. We have managed through the year to accumulate a surplus, some of which has been used to subsidize:

Taking young people to Juniors Across Europe (JAE).
A lay reader attending Bishop Mark’s induction.
Delegates’ Convention costs.
Two members attending the COMB Vocational Discernment Weekend. The burial costs of a premature baby.

We are
vestry to consider these extraordinary events and say “yes” more often than “no”


After prayerful reflection and significant input from the members of our congregation via survey, we pray that the Lord may help us to find a priest-in- charge with the following characteristics:

  • A welcoming-heart that continues to cultivate a warm and accepting community to all who attend our church.
  • An open mind that is focused on including and listening to our cross- cultural and interdenominational families.
  • A voice that preaches the liturgy to a wide variety of people including children.
  • A willingness to include a variety of music and prayer to our services.
  • A willingness to learn French because many of our members speakFrench at work and school, but English at home.
  • Part-Time Priest-in-Charge that perhaps has supplemental income

Contact Information

Diocesan Transition Minister

The Venerable Dr. Walter Baer

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