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St. Paul's Episcopal Church Part-time Rector Georgetown Half Time Apr, 13
Wicomico Parish Rector Wicomico (WEE-com-eh-CO) Full Time Mar, 24
St. Paul's Episcopal Church Priest in Charge to Rector Williamsville Full Time Mar, 21
St. John's, Walpole Priest-in-Charge Walpole Half Time Mar, 20
St. John the Baptist, Sanbornville Priest-in-Charge Sanbornville Half Time Mar, 20
St. Thomas, Hanover Curate Hanover Full Time Mar, 20
Christ Church, Greenwich Associate Rector Greenwich Full Time Feb, 18
St. John's Church, North Haven Priest in Charge North Haven Part Time Feb, 14
St. John's, Portsmouth Associate Rector Portsmouth Full Time Feb, 11
All Saints, Chevy Chase Rector Chevy Chase Full Time Feb, 01
St. Paul's Episcopal Church Priest-in-Charge Columbus Full Time Sep, 14
St. Thomas' Associate priest Rochester Full Time Sep, 13
Grace Church Rector Port Huron Full Time Sep, 11
St. John's Priest-in-Charge Bedford Half Time Mar, 11
St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church Rector - Priest in Charge Washington Full Time Mar, 09
St. Alban's Episcopal & Faith Lutheran Rector Salisbury Full Time Feb, 24
St. Mark the Evangelist Rector Syracuse Half Time Jan, 29
St. Peter's Church, Monroe Priest in Charge Monroe Half Time Dec, 14
St. Peter's Church-on-the-Canal Rector Buzzards Bay Half Time Jun, 01
Christ Church, Clermont-Ferrand, France Priest in Charge Clermont-Ferrand, France Part Time Mar, 09
Trinity Associate to the Rector St. Louis Full Time Feb, 29
Trinity Episcopal Church Rector Bridgewater Half Time Dec, 04