Trinity Church

at Priest-in-Charge
Location Manassas
Date Posted June 28, 2022
Category Virginia (Shirley Smith-Graham & Ed Keithly)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Suburban
Compensation $100,000 - 120,000 (neg. based on experience)
Diocesan Compensation Info
Health Benefits Negotiable
Housing Housing Allowance
Is there a rectory? No
Equity Allowance No
Communicants in Good Standing 981
Average Sunday Attendance 86
Budget $443,963


Liturgical style and practice

Broad church


Humor: We are a congregation that enjoys a fun, easy going approach to the service, don’t take ourselves too seriously, and value a sense of humor.

Safe and Welcoming: Trinity is a safe space for all.  We welcome, love, and support anyone and everyone.

Inclusive and Diverse: We are a diverse and inclusive community engaged in spiritual, community and social issues.

Community: Set in an historic, culturally-diverse community with many activities to be enjoyed by all ages

Customs and Traditions: We value tradition but welcome innovation.

Great music program: We love our choir, organ, and the part they play in our church.

Strong outreach: We are proud of our food ministry, volunteers, and real world-relationship and strong ties to our community.

We have many talents and a diverse congregation.  This transition is an opportunity for others to take on more leadership roles.


Attracting New Members: We have a declining membership with an aging congregation.  We need young families of all walks of life to strengthen the congregation.

Spread Out Geographically: Trinity has members that live some distance from the church.  We need to ensure that our more distant members have opportunities to be part of our church.

Need for more Fellowship: COVID has hampered social aspects of our congregation and we need more opportunities to grow in fellowship.

Children’s Ministry: Our Children’s Ministry has always been an important part of our church, yet the Sunday School program has not yet restarted since COVID and we need to reboot our children’s ministry.

Financial Resources: Declining membership has resulted in a more challenging financial picture for the church.  Our building is aging as well and may put additional strain on the budget.

Anxiety for the Change: The congregation is eager to re-stabilize after the departure of our long-term rector and co-rector and the consequences of the pandemic.


We seek an active listener -- someone patient, with strong communication skills; a clergyperson who is accepting and inclusive, who has an open mind and embraces our focus on diversity and inclusion of all people; a strong leader, organized and direct, yet compassionate and sensitive to the fears of the congregation; a person who employs a collaborative approach, is open to suggestions, and is engaged with the entire congregation; a shepherd in helping us to define who we want to be; a clergyperson who is in touch with reality -- grounded in spirituality but with a real-world perspective -- someone who speaks to current issues and doesn’t just read the sermon but instead speaks it to the congregation; someone who leaves room for interpretation in our present day lives.

Contact Information

The Rev. Shirley Smith Graham, Transition Minister,, 804-622-3180