at Rector
Location Indian River
Date Posted March 10, 2021
Category Eastern Michigan (Tracie Little)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Rural
Compensation Appropriate to diocesan guidelines
Health Benefits Negotiable
Housing Housing Allowance
Equity Allowance No
Anglo-Catholic no
Average Sunday Attendance 50
Broad Church yes
Charismatic no
Contemporary no
Emergent no
Morning Prayer yes
Budget $285,000
Non-Traditional no
Prayer Book yes
Renewal no
Rite I yes
Rite II yes



Our congregation feels strongly about our mission to help those in our local community who are in need. One of these ministries is our senior lunch program. Once a month we offer a free lunch and program to any seniors in our area who would like to get out and enjoy fellowship and a nourishing meal. Each month we serve 40-45 seniors, many regulars and always some new faces. The money and volunteers come from
our parishioners. We quietly ask for a free will offering from these seniors who are attending the lunch. Any money we receive is given to the manager of the cafeteria at the local school. She uses the money to quietly pay for a school lunch for any student who for any reason is not able to purchase or bring his/her lunch. This is a joyful way for us to "pay it forward" and provide a way for quite an array of people to have their bodies nourished and their souls filled with joy for doing good for others.


We need to put energy into young families and more modern ways, but at the same time, we do not want to lose the energy we put into the people who make up our congregation presently. They have expectations and needs which have a right to be ministered to. An instance of change is when we built the building next to the church which now houses the Jubilate Pre-School/Day Care. Part of the congregation wanted a senior center or senior housing facility instead. Though there is definitely a need for that in our community, we decided on helping the younger families, and the majority of the congregation agreed.
Another example of change in our church was when we had a Rector who wanted to introduce folk guitar music into the service and also wanted to remove the middle of the prayer rail to make the altar seem more accessible to the congregation. We actually lost a few parishioners over these changes but most of us adopted a wait and see approach and were happy with the changes, once we got used to them. We realize that the world is a different place, and we have to make accommodations for our future. We have grown as a parish in the last few years and seem to be more adaptable.


This could also be a 3/4 call for someone who is interested in serving in a "last call before retirement" position. The congregation's deacon exercises considerable leadership.

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