St. Peter’s, Richmond

at Priest-in Charge (to Rector)
Location Richmond
Date Posted November 30, 2022
Category Virginia (Shirley Smith-Graham)
Job Type 3/4 Time
Setting Urban
Compensation $65,123
Diocesan Compensation Info
Health Benefits Negotiable
Housing None
Is there a rectory? No
Equity Allowance No
Communicants in Good Standing 79
Average Sunday Attendance 44
Budget 160,000


Additional comments re: compensation, benefits and housing.

If health insurance needed, then the position may need to become half-time. For the right candidate, the church can work with a half-time cleric.

Liturgical style and practice

Traditional Style with the use of Prayer Book, African-American and Episcopal Hymnals with an emphasis on great preaching and teaching with application to living out our stated mission.


We are a diverse, historically African American congregation connected to our history, to our neighborhood, and to one another.

We take pride in our contradictions: our breadth (racial, generational, experiential) and our unity; our heritage and our ability to change; our hospitality to the community and the loving care we provide our family of faith.

And: we have unbelievable music!


The Priesthood has many special responsibilities and challenges.  There also exists high levels of satisfaction as we impact church life, neighborhood, social justice and continuing visibility of diversity.  The East End of Richmond has several communities: four housing communities, long term residents, a new, younger residential community and those seeking a place to call home.  There are great opportunities to use community wealth knowledge to grow a vibrant life as we embrace each other and the ideas that can enhance the East End.  St. Peter’s stand ready to assist in bridging these communities to make a stronger community for all.


Though we accomplish a tremendous amount for a small church, our time and energy are ultimately limited. While everyone has a job, much of our work frequently falls on the same core members.

We have gone through continuous change: short term leadership–no matter how beloved those leaders are–has meant that some ministry applications have not been fulfilled.  We are interested in developing programming outside of worship time for adult and children's education; attracting and retaining young people (and young parents in particular) remains an obstacle.

As a mission church, we often feel disconnected from our Diocese.

Though our commitment to our neighborhood remains constant, the neighborhood itself is undergoing significant gentrification.


We seek:

  • a teacher and preacher who knows when to challenge us and when to hear us;
  • a well-organized leader, with a vision for our congregation;
  • someone who listens and learns, who builds our church organically;
  • someone who will work with the church family and the neighborhood;
  • someone who has a commitment to social justice, diversity, and outreach.

Contact Information

The Rev. Shirley Smith Graham

Interim Transition Minister, 804-622-3180