St. Peter’s Church

at Priest-in-Charge
Location New Kent
Date Posted June 28, 2022
Category Virginia (Shirley Smith-Graham)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Suburban
Compensation $90,000 (negotiable based on experience)
Diocesan Compensation Info
Health Benefits Negotiable
Housing Housing Allowance
Is there a rectory? No
Equity Allowance No
Communicants in Good Standing 258
Average Sunday Attendance 64
Budget $240,491


Liturgical style and practice



St Peter’s Church, in New Kent County, Virginia seeks an ordained clergyperson to provide leadership and spiritual direction for our Parish.  It is our intent that the initial position would be as a Priest-In-Charge for a three-year period of service.  At the two-year mark, the Priest-In-Charge would have an optional opportunity to enter negotiations to become our full time, settled Rector.

The Diocese of Virginia provides strong training and personal support systems for clergy serving as a Priest-In-Charge under recently developed guidelines for continuing education and individual support.

  • A friendly, caring congregation that includes a balance of all ages with diverse backgrounds; a core group of long-term members that maintain continuity; and, a group of newer and younger members with time and talents to contribute to the accelerated growth of the church.
  • A rich history of over 300 years that provides stability and permanence, as well as an attraction for visitors and new members.
  • An environment of high growth in the County that offers opportunities for increased membership and new ministries.
  • A beautiful, wooded rural campus of over 15 acres that includes the restored church building; a separate Parish House with education facilities, church offices, a nursery, a fully equipped kitchen and a large all-purpose room; and an outdoor, enclosed playground.
  • Excellent financial position with a large endowment and no liabilities.


Near Term Objectives

  • Improve communications (use current technology to foster collaboration and reporting).
  • Coach church members to have confidence in the structures and decision making processes inherent in an Episcopal Church (local and diocese).
  • Invite people to contribute resources as a joy-filled ministry to enable year round Stewardship.
  • Use our rich history as a platform for future growth.
  • Place younger age cohorts into leadership positions in all activities of the church.


We are looking for a clergyperson with:

  • Strong interpersonal skills: willing to engage openly with our congregation and guide us through changes that will occur with accelerated growth.
  • Strong leadership qualities: compassion, high energy level, a love of history, and an ability to communicate with all ages to create and implement a long-term vision for St. Peter’s
  • Strong commitment to personal spirituality and ability to help others in their spiritual growth through effective evangelism.
  • Experience in office administration and personnel management.

Contact Information

The Rev. Shirley Smith Graham,, 804-622-3180