St. Peter’s

at Rector
Location Detroit
Date Posted June 4, 2024
Category Michigan (Ellen Ekevag)
Job Type Half Time
Setting Urban
Compensation 31236
Diocesan Compensation Info
Health Benefits Negotiable
Housing None
Is there a rectory? No
Equity Allowance No
Budget 191,457


Liturgical style and practice

We offer one regular service on Sundays at 10:30 for in-person and Zoom participation. Our liturgical style is participatory and generally low-church. Although our sanctuary includes a high altar, for the last two decades we have celebrated the service from a floor level altar table. After the homily, we offer a time for community reflection where all are invited to come up and share a reflection further opening the Word, making this a “participatory homily.” On any Sunday, we may hear reflections from a vestry member, someone who is attending for the first time, or a homeless guest who is seeking refuge at the church. We value inclusive language that is accessible to the diversity of our congregation. We draw on The Book of Common Prayer as well as other global Anglican resources like A New Zealand Prayer Book. We create a new worship bulletin for each liturgical season, and honor other ecumenical/secular seasons like the Season of Creation and Black History Month. Our worship explores questions and encourages faith exploration rather than requiring answers and certainty. We love the vibrant folk musicians who we hire to lead music most Sundays.


- We have a rich history of working for peace and justice in our neighborhood and city.
- We are hospitable to those on the margins and actively welcome all to participate in our worship services and ministries.
- You never quite know what’s going to happen – there is a lot of room for Spirit to come through.
- We have a long history of making our annual tithe to the Episcopal Diocese.
- We are reasonably financially stable given how small our congregation is, but in terms of growing the congregation and fulfilling our mission, we could use more resources.
- We are committed to environmental stewardship and have demonstrated this through our solar panels, bioswales, EV charging station, and energy-efficient renovations.
- We offer our church building to ministries that work for peace and social and economic justice and serve those in need. These ministries fill our building with life, energy, and creativity.
- We provide a safe place for those who have experienced church hurt, including those in the LGBTQ+ community.
- Throughout our history, St. Peter’s has been a small and mighty congregation. Our congregants are dedicated and present and we are connected to many networks of individuals and organizations outside our congregational membership.
- In the recent past, our activism has led us to involvement with the Michigan Poor People’s Campaign, the struggle for water affordability in Detroit, ad Michigan Coalition for Human Rights, and Michigan Interfaith Power & Light.


- We are reasonably financially stable given how small our congregation is, but in terms of growing the congregation and fulfilling our mission, we could use more resources.
- We have the equivalent of one full time staff person: a part time ministries coordinator and a partime interim pastoral leader. We see this as an opportunity to nurture leadership among our congregants and community.

- We are currently a primarily white congregation in majority-Black city. How might we build coalitions to address city issues of importance to its African American communities?
- Our neighborhood is quickly changing with recent gentrification. This has brought up significant questions for us about how we can engage with the new people coming into our community while still honoring our mission, vision, and values.

- We have recently experienced record-breaking heat, Canadian wildfire smoke, and basement flooding. We are aware of the other coming climate crises and know that our church building is not fully equipped to accommodate these changes.

- Our building is not currently wheelchair accessible.
- Our music program needs attention.
- We currently have a queer affinity group for congregants and we hope to build a stronger program for queer representation and outreach.
- One of our building tenants is a puppet theater company, and we hope to partner with them to help us bring creative energy to our liturgies and invite others into our worshiping community.

Contact Information

Interested clergy should send the following documents to the Rev. Canon Ellen Ekevag, Canon for Congregational Development and Transitions for the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan by email: or mail to 4800 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201. It is very helpful (though not required) if all three documents can be sent as attachments to a single email.

1. A letter addressed to the Search Committee in which the candidate (a) offers a self-introduction, and (b) describes why they feel drawn into discernment around this particular position. The specific form, length, and content of the letter is at the candidate’s discretion;
2. A current resume
3. A .pdf of the candidate’s current Office of Transition Ministries Portfolio, including answers to all of the narrative questions.