St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

at Part-time Rector
Location Georgetown
Date Posted April 13, 2022
Category Delaware (Brad Hinton)
Job Type Half Time
Setting Town
Compensation 30000
Diocesan Compensation Info
Health Benefits Clergy Only
Housing None
Is there a rectory? No
Equity Allowance No
Communicants in Good Standing 77
Average Sunday Attendance 45
Budget 145000


Liturgical style and practice

The liturgical style of St. Paul's is best described as "broad church." We use the 79 BCP - mostly Rite II and the 82 Hymnal but also supplemental liturgical texts and LEVAS and WLP. We have "beat the bounds"
of the church property on Rogation Sunday and celebrated the ministries of the faith community on Trinity Sunday and Ember Days. We love liturgy and music that is traditional, innovative, and spiritual, even as we appreciate times of silence and contemplation.


St Paul's is a vibrant community that has experienced growth in the last couple of years. We are deeply committed to reaching out to the hispanic community, which comprises 35% of the town's population. We are participating in a TryTank project called "Latino Ministry in a Box." Before the pandemic we were supporting stay-at-home moms in ESL by obtaining a grant through which the church could pay for educational supplies and a fully equipped nursery with an experienced bi-lingual salaried head teacher. Classes were presented by a volunteer from within the parish; volunteer child care workers were also obtained from within our parish as well as from St. Peter's, Lewes. Classes began in January 2020, but unfortunately had to close two months later due to the pandemic. Once we obtain authorization we hope to restart the ESL program. We also have an active pastoral care team.


To keep growing our cultural competency with the latino community in our midst and to live into our gospel mandate through creative adaptability, and building on our strengths.


Several years ago we seem to be stuck in a culture of nursed grievances. Our previous interim rector helped us speak truth with love to each other and to develop and follow norms for how we would treat each other. More recently we have come together around a common vision for our parish. This has turned our parish around and we are excited by the renewed vitality and hope for our future.

In light of our emphasis on latino ministries we would particularly welcome candidates who are Spanish-proficient.

Contact Information

Please send OTM profile, resume and cover letter to the transition officer, The Rev. Canon Martha Kirkpatrick, at