St. Paul’s

at Rector
Location Westfield
Date Posted March 14, 2023
Category New Jersey (Joanne Izzo)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Suburban
Compensation Cash compensation commensurate with years of credited service, Half SECA provided See OTM for FRV
Diocesan Compensation Info
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Supplied Housing
Is there a rectory? Yes
If there IS a rectory, is it optional or required that cleric live there? Required
If there IS a rectory, is the compensation figure above inclusive of fair market value of rectory? Yes
If there IS a rectory, how many bedrooms and bathrooms? 4 bedrooms 2 bath
Equity Allowance Yes
Communicants in Good Standing 200
Average Sunday Attendance 150
Child Population in Church School 38
Adult Population in Church School 6
Teacher Population in Church School 2
Budget $856,000


Liturgical style and practice

Broad Church - Anglo Catholic
Prayer Book
Rite I and Rite II
Morning Prayer


St. Paul’s is a multigenerational community filled with spirit, talent, and commitment to
the service of God. Our vibrant music program is led by an expert music director with
various choirs and an exceptional pipe organ. We have a well-maintained and beautiful

campus with an inspiring sanctuary and spacious rectory. We have an established
foundation for a strong Sunday school program. Our outreach programs are extensive
and are focused on serving those in need in the local, national, and international
communities. We have established a well-organized communication network with parish
membership including a weekly newsletter, social media, website, and email. Our
thriving and highly regarded day school serves 198 students, with a capacity of 220
students, and includes an early morning and aftercare program. We are located in a
beautiful community with outstanding schools, a thriving downtown, expansive
recreational areas, and access to New York City.


It is our prayer that we will be a growing and thriving parish which welcomes all
newcomers at any stage of their faith journey. It is our hope that the youth and Sunday
school programs can be invigorated and that adult education be re-established. We look
to leadership to appreciate the complexities of a large campus. Many of our younger
and older families wish for the re-establishment of a shorter and contemporary Saturday
evening service. We look to support the lay pastoral care team. We would like to
increase participation and visibility of our community outreach programs. Our thriving
Day School offers a wealth of new parishioners that we need to encourage to join St.


Saint Paul's has a strong core of Parishioners who offer many talents in the managing
of its various programs. It is through the strength of our vestry, volunteers, day school
and the music program that keeps the church running and thriving. We are looking for a
rector who is a leader with strong compassionate, interpersonal and administrative
skills; who can recognize our talents; can supervise and work with us to expand, and to
inspire our minds, so that we continue to do the work of Christ in our community.

Contact Information

Please contact The Rev. Canon Joanne Izzo, Transition Officer, or 609-460-5408 to submit cover letter, OTM Portfolio, resume, and responses to Clergy Questionnaire found on the diocesan website at: