St. John’s Episcopal Church

at Priest-in-Charge
Location Gloucester
Date Posted October 31, 2022
Category Massachusetts (Carol Gallagher, Martha Hubbard, Kelly O'Connell)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Urban
Compensation $97091
Diocesan Compensation Info
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Housing for 3
Is there a rectory? Yes
If there IS a rectory, is it optional or required that cleric live there? Live-in Rectory Preferred
If there IS a rectory, is the compensation figure above inclusive of fair market value of rectory? No
If there IS a rectory, how many bedrooms and bathrooms? 3 bedrooms, 11/2 baths
Equity Allowance No
Communicants in Good Standing 113
Average Sunday Attendance 40
Child Population in Church School No church school currently
Adult Population in Church School n/a
Teacher Population in Church School n/a
Budget $248,856


Additional comments re: compensation, benefits and housing.

The compensation number above includes the imputed value of the rectory for CPG purposes which is well below fair market value.

Liturgical style and practice

Art and music have always been important in worship in this parish. And while there are some who prefer traditional styles (there was a Rite I 8:00 Eucharist for many years), generally there is openness and appreciation for a wide range of liturgies. Currently, we use resources from the BCP, Enriching our Worship, the New Zealand Prayer Book, prayers written in-house for the day or season, and other sources. Much of the service is sung, including the Gloria or song of praise, psalm, creed, and so on, in styles ranging from plainchant to contemporary settings. The parish has particularly benefited from the previous music director’s emphasis on women and BIPOC composers and writers. Hymns come from the 1982 Hymnal, WLP, LEVAS II and other sources. While worship is taken seriously, creativity and play are welcomed, and no one gets upset if things aren’t “perfect.”


When you walk into St. John’s, you will be welcomed—whether it’s your first time or your hundredth time.

We are a church community who follows Jesus, cares for one another, prays together and for one another, and worships with ritual and song together. All of these things help feed us spiritually.

We are an older congregation and as such have all had experiences that include joy, blessings, grief, illness, and loneliness. We know how to support and comfort one another through good times and tough times. Anyone coming into this church can share in these gifts.

St. John’s welcomes all people without regard to ability, race, age, sexual orientation, or economic circumstances Everyone has a place of belonging here and will know that they are loved as God’s people.

Music and Liturgy are important to us and are indeed at the heart our worship experience. Over the years, St. John’s has been blessed with several exceptional music directors who have taught, enriched, and supported our music program.

This program is at the forefront of St. John’s and is often what draws people to the church in the first place.

St. John’s has a long history of outreach and a compassionate presence—as modeled by Jesus—to thelocal community and beyond.

St. John’s is often referred to as “the church that helps everybody.” Our  service to the community represents our desire to carry out the will of God.

Caring for others is one of our core values.


Since we are a small and older congregation, we have limited energy. People willingly step up when jobs need to get done, but burnout can become an issue when there are too many jobs and people sign up for more than they can handle.

Because we are an older congregation, the need for pastoral care is essential and ongoing.

Before the pandemic, St John’s was active in outreach to the Cape Ann community. We now need help in discerning how else we can serve the community as we follow in Jesus’ footsteps, while at the same time, serve and care for our own congregation.

Our congregation has no children or younger families, although decades ago we had a robust church school. At one point over the past ten years, we hired a youth consultant with a three-year contract to offer activities and events to

encourage families and children to come to St John’s. This program proved unsuccessful at that time.


Church leadership recognizes that the parish must undergo transformation in order to be church in the 21st century in a new way.  A “Visioning Team” was formed to explore some options for the future.  The group applied for and was accepted into a pilot small church program from the BTS Center in Maine called “Fostering Imagination.”  Along with a cohort of 5 other churches, we have been doing “assignments” to stretch ourselves, including having a beach picnic and sunset worship, hosting a “What if? Sunday” to generate questions of wonder, and attending the BTS Convocation on “Imagination and Liberation in a Climate-Changed World.”


In addition, while between music directors (the interim music director will start on Nov. 1), a group of parish members have been working with the priest to choose hymns and shape worship, and the choir has been meeting without a director to prepare for Sunday worship, including favorite anthems which the supply organist runs them through on Sunday mornings.  The hope is that collaborative worship planning will continue.

Contact Information

To apply for this position please send cover letter, Resume and OTM profile by December 15 to :

The Rev. Canon Martha L. Hubbard (Transition Officer):