St. Andrew’s-By-the-Sea Episcopal Church

at Rector
Location Nags Head
Date Posted February 11, 2020
Category East Carolina (Michael Singer)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Town
Compensation $109,000
Health Benefits Negotiable
Housing None
Equity Allowance No
Communicants in Good Standing 292
Average Sunday Attendance 140
Child Population in Church School 18
Adult Population in Church School 19
Teacher Population in Church School 10
Budget $386,097
Anglo-Catholic no
Broad Church yes
Charismatic no
Contemporary no
Emergent no
Morning Prayer yes
Non-Traditional no
Prayer Book yes
Renewal no
Rite I yes
Rite II yes



St. Andrew's-By-the-Sea, just steps away from the Atlantic Ocean, is a beacon of hope and spiritual refuge to residents and visitors to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We are a vibrant community – tolerant, inclusive, accepting. Our parishioners actively engage in reverent worship and loving fellowship in an atmosphere that is welcoming, friendly, relaxed and supportive. Our diverse and talented people are fiscally responsible and good stewards of our sacred spaces.

St Andrew’s consists of two worship spaces: a main sanctuary, constructed 20 years ago, and an historic Chapel. St. Andrew's offers three services weekly, and special services seasonally. An early Sunday service in the Chapel offers a traditional Rite One Eucharist; a late morning Sunday service in the main sanctuary offers a family-oriented Rite Two Eucharist; and an intimate mid-week Eucharist with healing prayers and laying on of hands is offered in the Chapel. Parishioners value greatly the beauty of our prayer book-centered, traditional liturgy, the core component of our worship. Services provide not only spiritual guidance and motivation, by also opportunities for lay participation, music, art and other talents.

In 2016 St. Andrews celebrated the Chapel’s centennial with events including a reception and Art Show; historical presentations; Chapel tours; a choral Evensong; 'Homecoming' Sunday; and music from the Lost Colony Choir. The Chapel is always open for prayer and meditation. Our tranquil memorial garden draws regional visitors whose family members have chosen our Outer Banks church grounds as their final resting place.

St. Andrew's is part of 67 parishes that comprise the Diocese of East Carolina, and members of our parish are actively involved with and supportive of our diocese. Parishioners have served on the search committee for the current Bishop and on the Diocesan Standing Committee. Our treasurer is also the asst. Diocesan treasurer. St. Andrew's annually hosts a weekend-long Acolyte Festival that draws youth from across the diocese, North Carolina and southeastern Virginia. Parishioners participate in the diocesan annual convention, clergy conferences, annual music conferences and stewardship training. We strive to reach a 10% pledge annually to the diocesan operating budget. In support of a Diocesan initiative, our recently retired rector with other regional leaders implemented a 2018 summer chapel program in the Hatteras community (an hour south of St. Andrew’s). The Diocese provided housing and financial support for two seminarians who organized and officiated morning and evening prayer on Hatteras Island twice weekly, preached sermons at our Sunday services, and volunteered at Vacation Bible School.

The spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the church are supported by an active committee system, with committee chairs supported by vestry liaison. Our pastoral care committee oversees a ministry of support to parishioners and the wider community, ministering to the sick or those facing surgery or hospitalization by providing transportation, meals, and any needed assistance. The parish life committee is innovative in its approach to providing meaningful fellowship opportunities. Adult formation is active through adult Sunday school, women's Bible study and the Brotherhood of St. Andrew with opportunities to grow in knowledge and faith. Outreach provides opportunities for members to grow in Christian faith by engaging in responses to community needs. Committee chairs, vestry members, and clergy continually assess ministry needs and individual spiritual gifts to bring people into active ministry roles. A current goal is to develop a process for individual spiritual gift identification and application.

"Feeding the hungry," the stated mission of "Ruthie's Community Kitchen," is an outreach program welcoming anyone in our community for free food and fellowship. It regularly serves 25-30 guests. Parishioners have prepared and served food with compassion since 2009. Our members, joined by friends from the larger community, plan, prepare and serve meals, feeding others in body and spirit in Christ.

As Dare County lacks a homeless shelter, a non-profit organization formed to serve the homeless here. "Room in the Inn," started by St. Andrew’s members, and supported by other local churches, provide meals and shelter on a rotating weekly schedule. Our church has opened our hearts and doors to those most in need during weeks between late November and mid-April. At this writing, a permanent location is being established for this ministry, enabling us to focus on pastoral needs rather than sheltering at our church.

Parishioners volunteer at the local food pantry, host lifeguard dinners in the summer, volunteer in many community services programs and are ready volunteers during hurricanes and disasters. We serve people in need in our spaces through various 12-step programs and support groups, and have provided a place of food and shelter for our transient community. Vacation Bible School serves children from the community and parish. Our Pre-School, established in 1984, offers programs for children ages 2-5. The play-based pre-school program is designed to create a wonderful education foundation before elementary school. The school offers weekly music classes, "children's chapel" and a phonics program used in conjunction with Dare County School systems. Family involvement is a necessary requirement for the 57 students enrolled in the school.

As we look to the future, we are emphasizing growth, especially in our youth programs. To attract and retain more young families, we are looking at our worship services and experimenting with where we can make the service more dynamic and less repetitive. We are implementing a family oriented, children-friendly format monthly at the late morning Sunday service. We sponsor our Acolytes on an annual trip to the National Cathedral. To support growth in youth programs, we have increased the paid hours for our Pre-school director, so she can also serve as our Youth Christian Ministry Coordinator. We are especially pleased that after extensive lay leader direction and guidance, 19 of our middle school-aged children were confirmed by our bishop last spring.

We believe the key quality of a priest partnering in leadership with us is passionate and enthusiastic energy in spreading God's Word and growing His church.

To learn more about our life and community, we invite you to visit these websites:


When faced with challenges, including spiritual matters and cultural differences, we address them in a deliberate and thoughtful way. We attempt to make sure that all voices feel they are heard. We then prayerfully address and handle our challenges consistent with Christ's teachings. When same sex marriage was approved by the General Convention in July 2015, our Rector with guidance from the Diocese began discernment and dialog on this change in small groups and with individuals. Addressing this topic was uncomfortable for some but with respectful communication we worked through, and continue to work through, difficult conversations. In 2017 our Rector officiated at a same sex marriage. We have learned diversity is the cornerstone of St. Andrew's and different opinions are respected. We stress that open and frank communication is the best way to deal with conflict.

Other challenges St. Andrew's faces are geographical. We are central in a tourist-driven economy that slows significantly in the winter. The parish membership extends over the entire northern Outer Banks of North Carolina, a geographic area covering 70 miles of barrier islands, making it challenging to get people to return to church other than for worship.

We are mindful that our stewardship program, focusing on parishioners' offerings of their time, talent and treasure, needs to increase both in number of pledges and dollar amounts. Although financial stewardship has generally consisted of an annual pledge appeal we are working on growing stewardship awareness throughout the year. Most recently, parishioners were asked to increase their pledges by 15% to help balance our operating budget and over half of our parishioners answered that call by increasing their pledge. We are open to new approaches to stewardship and would be grateful for a Rector who has fresh ideas.

The challenge of making our church a welcoming place for youth and families is raised often. Young and older members alike express concern that we need to help youth and young families grow closer to God. How can our liturgy, ministries, and communications help youth to know Christ and form a welcoming community for young families? We have an active middle school population with sporadic/fringe attendance from preschool, elementary and high school age groups. We now have Sunday school during church, a known trend; however, this has not increased family attendance. We've learned that personal communications with people increases participation.


We believe the key quality of a priest partnering in leadership with us is passionate and enthusiastic energy in spreading God's Word and growing His church.

Characteristics we seek include Pastor, Priest and Leader:

1. Pastor is a role we root in Christian relationship: caring alike for young and old, strong and weak, rich and poor; nourishing and strengthening the spiritual growth and addressing the spiritual needs of the St. Andrew's flock; being a soul friend in time of need; and establishing a healthy pastoring relationship with our children.

2. A Priest inspires in us a passion for God, His Word, and our Faith; commits to the power of prayer; evangelizes to bring others to God and to our worship community; meaningfully preaches sermons, reaching many levels; reads, studies and teaches Scripture; proclaims the Gospel, declares God's forgiveness and God's blessing, and baptizes, celebrates Eucharist, and performs other ministrations entrusted by the church by the rites of ordination in the Book of Common Prayer.

3. A Leader provides oversight of both our mission and administrative needs; is an effective delegator; guides our vestry; helps plan facilities use; inspires responsible stewardship; is involved in the community; recruits parishioners to meet the needs of our church, leading us to know and embrace our roles and responsibilities as God's royal priesthood.

4. We seek in our next Rector gifts of the Holy Spirit: comforting, compassionate, empathetic, observant, present, motivating, and a healthy sense of humor.

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