Shared Position: St. James’ Church / St. John’s Parish

at Priest-in-Charge (shared)
Location North Salem / South Salem
Date Posted March 28, 2022
Category New York (Nora Smith)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Suburban
Compensation Compensation and Benefits according to Diocesan Guidelines.
Diocesan Compensation Info
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Housing Allowance
Is there a rectory? No
Equity Allowance No
Communicants in Good Standing 37 / 130 (2021)
Average Sunday Attendance 18 / Currently: 22, Pre-COVID: 60.
Child Population in Church School 7 / 16
Teacher Population in Church School 2 / 4
Budget $175,857.00 / $199,598.00 (2021)


Liturgical style and practice

St. James’ Church, North Salem:
We have an ecumenical gathering called Black Coffee and Prayer each Sunday morning at 8:30, it is generally attended by at least 12 individuals. At 10:00 am we celebrate Holy Eucharist twice a month and Morning Prayer is celebrated on the two other Sundays by lay leaders, with the support of our Deacon. We are considering trying a Sunday afternoon family service and Sunday School to appeal to young families.

St. John’s Parish, South Salem:
Our parish has traditionally held two weekly Eucharistic services: a 5pm Saturday service at St. Paul’s chapel and a 9:30 a.m. Sunday service at St. John’s church. The Saturday afternoon service is quite relaxed; parishioners accompany the hymns with guitar playing and song, followed by a coffee hour or pot luck meal when permitted. The service at St. John’s on Sunday morning is somewhat more formal, with the choir and congregants accompanied by an organist or pianist. The Sunday service is child-friendly and not “high church” compared to many other Episcopal Parishes. Babies and toddlers are often in attendance. The other children attend Sunday school until after the sermon, when they join the congregation. In pre-Covid days, there was a coffee hour for everyone following the service. We plan to return to fellowship activities when the Diocese gives the “all clear” sign. Both churches have kitchens and meeting space in their undercrofts for this purpose.


St. James’ Church, North Salem:
We are an active, close, forward thinking community. We communicate amongst ourselves well and we are self starters. We are a community of many competencies and talents. We are hopeful and optimistic. We look outward and hope to engage the world around us. We are thankful for and have a reverence for the beautiful open spaces that are such a large part of life in North Salem. We cherish our time together in the sanctuary and we enjoy our mission driven times together, working to achieve goals. We are small but mighty!

St. John’s Parish, South Salem:
Our congregation is our strength. We hold each other up and respond when anyone needs a prayer, a call, a visit, a meal or a ride. We all pitch in to help when a project needs to be done. Other strengths are our two beautiful church buildings and properties. Our churches are truly holy places that provide comfort and solace every time we enter their doors.


St. James’ Church, North Salem:
We are small and we hope to grow. We are older and hope to encourage younger families to join us. We attempt to achieve on a lot of fronts, while living within our budget. We have an antique church building that will soon need a new roof and painting; we are challenged to fund this effort. We are committed to the future of our two hundred and forty year old parish in the town of North Salem. We are challenged to find new ways to worship and engage with the world. We are challenged to find The Divine in the world around us and to take that experience out into the world around us.

St. John’s Parish, South Salem:
We have lost membership and income as a result of Covid and we must build back. Young families, who seek a quality church experience and Sunday school, are our target population in terms of growth. At the same time, we must reach out to all members of our community and welcome everyone who seeks to know God. Another challenge will be adjusting to a part time priest and the necessity for us to take on responsibilities that were previously assumed by a full time Rector. We are confident that we are up to the task.


Shared leadership among two congregations in neighboring rural residential communities.

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