Holy Spirit

at Rector
Location Sutton
Date Posted March 14, 2023
Category Western Massachusetts (Rich Simpson)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Suburban
Compensation Diocesan Guidelines
Diocesan Compensation Info https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/61d7587527d0d88f177bb3a4/63b6f2306414602f9edd9d21_2023%20Compensation%20Guidelines%20for%20Clergy%20and%20Lay%20Employees.pdf
Health Benefits Negotiable
Housing Housing Allowance
Is there a rectory? No
Equity Allowance Yes
Budget 220,000


Liturgical style and practice

Worship at Holy Spirit centers around our Sunday Holy Eucharist, where in-person service is offered while we continue to stream our services on Facebook Live for remote participation.


See full profile at https://www.holyspiritepiscopal.org/  and posted OTM profile.

Holy Spirit has deep roots for a relatively new parish. Since our birth in 2017, we’ve    weathered challenges, the most significant being the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking toward the future, we wish to continue to grow and respond to the needs of the world of today and tomorrow. Our most recent CAT Survey shows the Parish is both willing and to expand our reach and service both within and outside our walls. In our discernment process, the parish has clearly articulated ways in which we believe we are being led by the Spirit.





More or less the same challenges as the rest of the Church - especially navigating a post-pandemic context. However, having faced many challenges over the past decade (merging two congregations, removing pews from an historic space etc) we have become pretty adaptable and so challenges seem to be opportunities and not just obstacles for us. It's not being unrealistic; it's just trusting that there are things we can't control.


Reverend Laura Goodwin was the former Priest from St. Andrew’s, N. Grafton.  After the merger between St. Andrew’s North Graton and St. John’s, Sutton, Pastor Laura was asked by the Holy Spirit Vestry to stay on as the Rector  Rev. Lisa Green, the former Rector at St. John’s, Sutton accepted a call .at St. Martin’s, Williamsburg, VA.  Pastor Laura retired from full time service on 6/5/2022. This is our very first full search for our first rector as a new congregation.

Contact Information

Canon Rich Simpson