Grace Episcopal Church

at Rector
Location Syracuse
Date Posted January 30, 2022
Category Central New York (Carrie Schofield-Broadbent)
Job Type Half Time
Setting Urban
Compensation Meets Diocesan Standards
Diocesan Compensation Info
Health Benefits Negotiable
Housing Housing Allowance
Is there a rectory? No
Equity Allowance No
Communicants in Good Standing 49
Average Sunday Attendance 35
Budget please reach out for more information


Liturgical style and practice

Worship space "in the round". Comfortable with BCP worship. Also interested in expansive language.


The foundation of Grace Church is its loving congregation that welcomes and embraces diversity and seeks to unify people of all ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds. In accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ, we seek to increase our spiritual growth, to feed the hungry, give relief to the sick, tend to those in need, and promote peace, justice, and love.

Grace Church has a rich heritage of urban outreach and witness for social justice. Grace deeply values this inheritance and works to perpetuate it through the ministries of our congregation. We are a diverse parish — ethnically, culturally, and economically. Our diversity reflects our strong commitment to equality, tolerance, and reconciliation in the world beyond our doors. We believe that the solutions to injustice and violence are found not only in our compassion for and acceptance of each person but in our belief in the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. We are a friendly and receptive parish. We strive to live fully into our Church’s motto, “Friendship and Service,” by being a compassionate and caring community of Christians, serving one another as well as the community at-large.



Our Goals
for the Future
• Preserve our diverse congregation and expand our membership by reaching out to students and faculty of nearby colleges, residents in our surrounding neighborhood and members of the greater Syracuse area.
•Grow our financial resources and create ways to increase stewardship and maximize use of facilities to maintain our ability to do great things with limited resources.
• Enhance our outreach mission projects to better serve our community.
• Improve and maintain our excellent pastoral care and Christian Formation programs to provide us with the spiritual support and tools we need to better serve one another as well as those in our community.


Grace Church is seeking a rector who:
– is interested in a part-time (50%) position
– is strong in pastoral care, attends to the needs of the parishioners and is a mentor to the lay ministry.
– has strong administrative skills to help keep a small, but busy parish running smoothly and is well versed in social media and other means of communication to keep the parish family connected.
– is committed to maintaining the multiethnic, socioeconomically diverse character of our church and continuing our long tradition of welcoming the LGBTQ community.
– is interested in growing our connection with Syracuse University.
– has the ability to balance caring for the church flock with bringing awareness of the needs of the larger world.
– is compassionate, understanding and kind.
– is dedicated to servant leadership as our Lord Jesus Christ modeled for us.

Contact Information

Interested candidates are invited to send a letter of interest, resume and OTM (Office of Transitional Ministries) portfolio
to the Rev. Canon Carrie Schofield-Broadbent, Episcopal Diocese of Central New York,