Cople Parish

at Priest-in-Charge
Location Kinsale
Date Posted June 30, 2022
Category Virginia (Shirley Smith-Graham & Ed Keithly)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Rural
Compensation $75,000
Diocesan Compensation Info
Health Benefits Negotiable
Housing Supplied Housing
Is there a rectory? Yes
If there IS a rectory, is it optional or required that cleric live there? Optional
If there IS a rectory, is the compensation figure above inclusive of fair market value of rectory? Yes
If there IS a rectory, how many bedrooms and bathrooms? 4 bedroom, 3 bath
Equity Allowance No
Communicants in Good Standing 116
Average Sunday Attendance 33
Budget 181,691


Additional comments re: compensation, benefits and housing.

compensation negotiable

Liturgical style and practice

Traditional but relationally-oriented


We are an inviting and welcoming congregation that is highly engaged in ministries of the church, including 12 Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Worship Leaders, 6 Lay Eucharistic Visitors and several additional lectors, acolytes, and ushers. We are deeply rooted in the surrounding community and participate in Meals on Wheels, Foodbank contributions, and support of local, rural elementary school. The rectory and church office have high-speed internet. All three of our church buildings are of historical interest, Yeocomico Church c. 1664, Nomini Church, and St. James Tidwells (an original watermen’s chapel) and have active congregants and hold in trust burial grounds with active family interest. We have a good balance of members from childhood and newer people to the area. Well regarded in the in the area and across the diocese, by Episcopalians and others as well, for its history and longevity.


We generally are an aging, smaller congregation although we have families with children and youth and would like to support their spiritual growth and grow their cohort. Considering the responsibilities of holding in trust three church buildings and a rectory, we have a small core of volunteers. Our picturesque and peaceful setting is one that does not provide plentiful job opportunities. We lack ethnic and racial diversity.



We have growth potential: new people moving into the area as a result of pandemic-related shifts, telecommuting opportunities, and retirements. We live in a uniquely beautiful area (rural, coastal, wildlife habitat, farming and fishing community; you can see the stars at night!). We provide a rectory on the water, and there are abundant recreational options. Concerts and theater events are offered locally. The ecclesiastical community is cooperative and in good relationship especially with the Methodist and Catholic churches (i.e., joint sunrise service at Easter).

Four characteristics or skills of a clergyperson considered essential at this time

Warm, inviting, socially adept, creative, energetic, outgoing personality

Good quality, gospel-based sermons, and knowledge of broad range of subjects

Pastoral care oriented

Community minded and willing to participate

Contact Information

The Rev. Shirley Smith Graham,, 804-622-3180