Church of the Good Shepherd

at Rector
Location Acton
Date Posted November 27, 2019
Category Massachusetts (Carol Gallagher, Martha Hubbard, Kelly O'Connell)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Suburban
Compensation $101,140
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Housing for 5
Equity Allowance No
Communicants in Good Standing 305
Average Sunday Attendance 107
Child Population in Church School 38
Adult Population in Church School 41
Teacher Population in Church School 13
Budget $343,041
Anglo-Catholic no
Broad Church yes
Charismatic no
Contemporary no
Emergent no
Morning Prayer no
Non-Traditional yes
Prayer Book yes
Renewal no
Rite I no
Rite II yes



As outlined in the Parish Profile, the strengths of The Church of the Good Shepherd include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Strong Lay Leadership – The parish is blessed with strong lay leaders who initiate, carry through and sustain important parish programs, including various outreach and mission activities, adult formation, Christian education and other key areas of parish life.
2. Innovative and Compelling Worship – Worship is a central part of our life together, with consistently strong attendance at all three weekly services. The services provide different types of worship experience, and this appeal to varying preferences and styles among the congregations. Our service is enriched through an active music program with a part time Organist and Choir Director, an environment committee which prepares our worship space for holidays and a willingness to try different Anglican liturgies (with the blessing of the bishop!).
3. Caring Community – Importantly, even some people prefer different worship services, our community comes together to support each other and the ministries to which we are committed. Community suppers and other events are consistently well attended by people from all three services. Our parish family is marked by a deep concern and commitment to each other and the community.


While we celebrate our strengths, we are aware of and willing to work on our challenges. There are three challenges in particular that we would like to work on with our next rector, all of which have become more prominent over the last few years:
1. Stewardship: We feel as though we do not yet understand how and why to support ourselves financially. The towns and regions from which we come are affluent, and our community shares a deep love for and commitment to the church, but we struggle to balance our budget and fund our ministries as we would like. The vestry, under the direction of our interim, has been studying and reflecting on ways in which to improve our stewardship, which is often challenging during a transition. Our stewardship challenge limits our ability to invest in our buildings and serve those in need.
2. Membership: Our membership has stabilized even though we are in a growing town and region. We want to be a church that is attractive to newcomers and current residents alike, welcoming those who are looking for a church home and who will challenge and stimulate us. We feel as though our Church School and our Music Ministry, programs which are very important to us, are keys to attracting new members to the church. We want to reach out and engage our community locally to engage those for whom we might be an attractive destination.
3. Youth Ministry: Good Shepherd has a tradition of strong youth ministry programs, but over the last few years attendance has steadily declined. We are aware that parents of school age children often seek out church school and service opportunities for their children. Many in the church miss the presence of an active youth ministry, not only for the vibrant presence of the students and young people, but for the presence of their parents in our midst.

Contact Information

Inquiries should be directed to:

Christopher O’Leary
Chair, Search Committee
Church of the Good Shepherd
164 Newtown Rd.
Acton, MA 01720
(978) 799-7238
Applications should include:
• Letter of Interest
• Resume
• OTM Profile
• Links to 2 audio or video sermons