Church of the Good Shepherd (Houlton)

at Rector
Location Houlton
Date Posted September 17, 2019
Category Maine (Michael Ambler)
Job Type Half Time
Setting Town
Compensation $28,468
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Supplied Housing
Equity Allowance Yes
Communicants in Good Standing 117
Average Sunday Attendance 49
Child Population in Church School 21
Teacher Population in Church School 3
Budget $93,000
Anglo-Catholic no
Broad Church yes
Charismatic no
Contemporary no
Emergent no
Morning Prayer yes
Non-Traditional no
Prayer Book yes
Renewal no
Rite I no
Rite II yes



Houlton is a medium-sized town in northern Maine, just where I-95 hits the Canadian border.  Once upon a time it was apparently the richest town in the US, when the norther forests were being logged, but those days are long gone.  Houlton today is has a beautiful market square with a number of empty shops and some operating ones; a downtown movie theater; lots of grand old houses, some in rough shape; the county courthouse and offices; and Good Shepherd.  Good Shepherd is at the heart of community life in this town that is the heart of a sprawling rural county.  It's one of the few churches in town that is still fully open, and that makes it a focus: the rotary meets there; they have one of the most lively Sunday Schools in the dioceses, and regularly send a large continent to triennial Episcopal Youth Events.  It's an old-fashioned ministry: about outreach and knowing neighbors and being present for the big moments in community life.  Good Shepherd struggles to find the clergy they deserve because of their remoteness from most other places, but they deserve someone really great.


Northern Maine is beautiful, especially for people who like the outdoors and the winter, because there's a lot of both.  But it's undeniably distant from most everywhere else in the US (not so much Canada... New Brunswick is right there, just a few miles up the road).  But having said that, Houlton is not as remote as people sometimes think!  Bangor, Maine's second city, is a small metropolis with a good airport, and it's less than 2 hours south on a stretch of I-95 that you can have mostly to yourself.


$28,468 is diocesan minimum for half-time in Houlton, including housing allowance.  Supplied housing may alternatively be available.

Contact Information

The Rev. Canon Michael Ambler

Canon to the Ordinary, Diocese of Maine

207-772-1953 ext 123