Christ Church, Rockville

at Rector/Priest-in-Charge
Location Rockville
Date Posted September 13, 2022
Category Washington (Robert Phillips)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Urban
Compensation 141,600
Diocesan Compensation Info
Health Benefits Clergy + 1
Housing Housing Allowance
Is there a rectory? No
Equity Allowance No
Communicants in Good Standing 539
Average Sunday Attendance 90
Child Population in Church School See Note Below
Adult Population in Church School See Note Below
Teacher Population in Church School See Note Below
Budget 1,100,799


Additional comments re: compensation, benefits and housing.

Includes housing, cash stipend, and SECA.

Liturgical style and practice

Broad Church, Rite II.


Many of our young families stopped attending church during COVID and have not yet returned. At the same time, a long-standing and widely recognized children and youth ministry came to a pause after the coordinator retired and church finances could not support a full-time replacement. Despite these setbacks, a committed group of parishioners banded together to run the ministry on a voluntary basis, partnering with other area churches and Christ Episcopal School to combine resources. They were able to offer a children’s church program, Sunday school, and youth social and service opportunities to the families who continue to be active in our community. The fruits of these efforts were made apparent at a recent service led by the youth of our church. We were blessed with the voices and outlook of our youth, who gave the sermon, read readings, provided music, and served as acolytes and ushers. This inspiring event let us know that we are continuing to grow and even thrive during this difficult transition period; nonetheless, this important ministry must be rebuilt.


Like many organizations with a long history, stakeholders with differing points of view and priorities and limited resources, conflict has had occasion to arise within CEC. The most significant recent conflict was regarding the continuance of Christ Episcopal School (CES) as a mission of CEC. Due to declining enrollment at CES and misperceptions and miscommunications between the school board and vestry, the relationship between CEC and CES deteriorated to a point that a decision was made to close the school. Heroic efforts were made by the interim clergy, Senior Warden and Head of School to improve the relationship, revise the tuition structure, sell off the financially unsustainable Jefferson Building and ultimately maintain CES as a flourishing mission of the church. We make every effort to communicate clearly and directly, particularly when an issue has the potential to be contentious, and ensure any decisions and findings are shared transparently with the congregation.


CEC has endured several destabilizing changes in the past few years, largely without a permanent rector. These changes have included turnover of permanent and interim rectors, replacement and turnover of lay leadership, staffing changes, the evolving relationship between the CEC and CES, COVID-19 impacts and declining membership and pledge base. The church has resolved leadership issues and improved administrative practices. The new wardens, vestry, and interim clergy work well together and regularly solicit the advice of parishioners. Importantly, the vestry has worked hard to increase transparency and adopted new bylaws and procedures that promote openness and transparency. There will continue to be some who prefer to grumble in private, but every effort is now made to inform the community of all developments, listen to its concerns, and head off disagreements. Change goes well when parishioners feel that they have a voice in the process and that the process has been transparent; change goes poorly when there is the appearance that decisions are made secretly or arbitrarily.

Contact Information

The Rev. Canon Robert T. Phillips

(202) 441-8400