Christ Church Riverdale

at Rector
Location Bronx
Date Posted April 13, 2021
Category New York (Nora Smith)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Urban
Compensation Compensation & Benefits According to Diocesan Guidelines.
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Supplied Housing
Equity Allowance Yes
Communicants in Good Standing 391
Average Sunday Attendance 170 (Prepandemic)
Child Population in Church School 14 (Prepandemic)
Adult Population in Church School 8 (Prepandemic)
Teacher Population in Church School 5 (Prepandemic)
Budget $342,504 (2020 Actual Expenses)
Anglo-Catholic no
Broad Church yes
Charismatic no
Contemporary no
Emergent no
Morning Prayer no
Non-Traditional no
Prayer Book yes
Renewal no
Rite I no
Rite II yes



Christ Church Riverdale is a place of joy. We offer a welcoming home to people of diverse cultures, educations, incomes, family structures and traditions, uniting to develop a closer relationship with God.  The gifts of our buildings, grounds and music are treasures in our spiritual lives that we recognize require good stewardship.


Our challenges are similar to those of any long-standing “mainline” church.  First, to have the flexibility and openness to evolve in a way that will bring Christ to young people and those who may not have been raised with a faith tradition, while continuing to those who find comfort in Episcopal ritual.  We want to find ways to keep children engaged as they grow older into questioning.  We are challenged to fund our future financially, but also with talent.  We need to nurture the talents of the next generations; they will become the caretakers of our parish in the future.


Position Description:
Christ Church Riverdale seeks a Rector who is caring, empathic, and compassionate.  We are searching for a leader with integrity and spiritual grounding, who is able to speak to our every-day lives.  We are a traditional church in many ways, enjoying the ritual of a beautiful “high church” liturgy in our historic home, whether the contemplative spoken service or filled with music.  We also tend to be socially liberal, with active social justice and educational ministries, and preferring a conversational sermon style.  Inclusiveness and diversity are a strength and source of pride for our warm and welcoming community.  We seek a Rector who will appreciate these qualities while inspiring us to fulfill our mission of finding deeper ways to understand God, our world, and who we are.

Contact Information

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Parish Profile and OTM Community Ministry Portfolio are available from the Diocese of New York's Positions Open webpage: 

Receiving Names Until: May 17, 2021 

To apply please send your resume, OTM Portfolio, and letter of interest to:, with a copy to the Rev. Canon Nora Smith, Canon for Transition Ministry to: