Christ Church Philadelphia

at Rector
Location Philadelphia
Date Posted February 17, 2023
Category Pennsylvania (Arlette Benoit Joseph)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Urban
Compensation 151000
Diocesan Compensation Info
Health Benefits Clergy Only
Housing None
Is there a rectory? No
Equity Allowance Negotiable
Communicants in Good Standing 395
Average Sunday Attendance 120 and 40 live streaming
Budget 940000


Liturgical style and practice

Christ Church gathers for our weekly service every Sunday at 10 AM. Each of us, together and apart (through live streaming), finds our own ways into the rhythms and depths of tradition as our clergy and worship team make creative, engaged use of the Episcopal liturgy, combining text with open space and silence for contemplation and friendly interpretive guidance. Each service engages mind, body, and spirit. Our worship combines Episcopal liturgy in a low-church tradition with alternative prayers and interventions; for example, each Advent, we integrate liturgies from prayer books around the world. The rector and associate clergy collaborate closely with parishioners of all generations and genders who prepare the flowers and altar, help administer the eucharist, deliver the prayers, and sometimes even preach. A monthly Sunday evensong, with exceptional music, attracts longtime members as well as visitors, as do extra services for major holidays; baptisms are always festive, joyous occasions. A spoken communion service at noon every Wednesday offers a midweek oasis of peace and reflection offering those assembled a chance to discuss thoughts about the readings.


Christ Church parishioners experience a worship service rich in liturgy, strong homiletics, and inspiring music provided by a beautiful choir, dynamic music director and a brand new organ.  We are a well-managed church with a clear sense of our needs and a proven track record for fundraising for our historic property. We have an important legacy and parishioners deeply value the church’s history. At the same time, we seek a future that isn’t defined by our history. We firmly believe that whoever you are, and wherever you find yourself on the journey of faith, you are welcome, as you are.


Christ Church is a regional parish and, while some members live within walking distance, most live much further away.  This geographic breadth challenges the building of community. Providing pastoral care, whether from lay leaders or clergy, is challenging due to the far-flung nature of the hospitals or facilities that provide our members with care.  Likewise, while we celebrate our history, Christ Church is keenly aware of the challenges of maintaining our historic property for future generations. Currently, much of the fundraising for this work is the responsibility of the Christ Church Preservation Trust, led by a non-parochial Board. While there is some collaboration between the Trust and the Church, the transition of our Rector will require us to work hard to strengthen our current ties, although we admit we do not have a clear vision of what that should look like. Finally, while reverence for our well-known history draws members and visitors alike, we are learning and understanding some of the not so laudable stories of Christ Church, including connections to the institution of slavery. We are committed to reckoning with that history but as yet don't see our way clear to what form restitution will take.

Contact Information

Canon Arlette Benoit Joseph