Christ Church, Chaptico

at Rector
Location Chaptico
Date Posted February 4, 2022
Category Washington (Robert Phillips)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Town
Compensation 64590
Diocesan Compensation Info
Health Benefits Clergy Only
Housing Housing for 5
Is there a rectory? Yes
If there IS a rectory, is it optional or required that cleric live there? Optional
If there IS a rectory, is the compensation figure above inclusive of fair market value of rectory? Yes
If there IS a rectory, how many bedrooms and bathrooms? Housing available for 5 persons.
Equity Allowance Yes
Communicants in Good Standing 164
Average Sunday Attendance 100
Child Population in Church School 0
Adult Population in Church School 0
Teacher Population in Church School 0
Budget $197,023


Additional comments re: compensation, benefits and housing.

Compensation includes Stipend, housing, SECA. Housing Equity allowance - $5,000. Life insurance offered.

Liturgical style and practice

Christ Church is family oriented, mostly traditional, moderately “high church” with a particularly friendly congregation. Sunday attendance is about evenly split between the two Eucharist services: The 8:00 am service is either Rite I or II with no music, followed at 10 am by Rite II with music. The 8 o’clock service is quiet and meditative. The 10 o’clock service is lively, louder, and supported by a robust and dedicated choir. When we had a Rector, there was a Thursday evening service of piano music followed by the Eucharist. During Lent, this became Stations of the Cross. Midweek functions were popular and well attended. And, recently, we started a Wednesday evening Prayer Group.


Christ Church has a long history of outreach to our community, as well as the occasional foray into international aid. Parish members regularly contribute to local foodbanks, and revenues from Parish events often benefit local non-profits. Throughout each church year, we also provide contributions and aid to individuals, families, and groups when misfortune suddenly strikes. Our congregation is active and generous with their time, talent and treasure. 


In an area bereft of meeting places, our Parish Hall provides an affordable, safe, local venue for community events, civic functions, funerals and family gatherings. The demand for hall use is such that Christ Church must schedule in-parish events well in advance or lose the date.


Predictably, the use of the Parish Hall has been curtailed by Covid-19 and the preference of many people to not be in a public, indoor setting.  However, our outreach missions continue.


Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Christ Church was vibrant and alive.  We supplemented our Rite I and Rite II Sunday services with Thursday evening Eucharist, weekday Bible or book studies, and an all-ages Friday Night Sunday School that became a model for the diocese.  The opportunity to serve as a Lay Eucharistic Minister, Lector or Acolyte was expanded.  The Altar Guild grew and the Choir flourished.  There were Youth Group fundraisers, parish workdays and yard sales, and many festivals, all of which proclaimed the image of Christ Church in the community. 


During the lockdown, we were fortunate that our 10 a.m. service had already been streaming online and attracted an audience well beyond our parish walls. Following the online service, via Zoom, parishioners gathered for our popular after-church ‘coffee hour,’ glad to see one another, if only through a video screen.  Similarly, through Zoom, Bible and book studies seamlessly continued, and additionally, noon-time morning prayer instituted. 


While we do have many paths of discipleship to pursue, there is no guidance to point people in a particular direction.  This will be addressed.  Nevertheless, there are many opportunities for anyone to participate in the life and ministry of Christ Church as they feel called.  And, as we earnestly strive to emerge from the pandemic, we also find our parishioners eager to resume their participation in our many church activities. 


It can be fairly said that Christ Church does not clearly “state the mission,” Most parishioners are not aware that we have a mission statement, and certainly, one has not been articulated recently. Yet, there is no doubt we are a thriving congregation.  We believe the people of Christ Church are the mission and vision, inspired and motivated by our faith in God, our church and the community of fellowship that we have created through our gathering and outreach, compassion and friendship.


Our recent Parish Survey revealed parishioner’s responses were fundamentally similar to our mission statement.  “We are called to be people of prayer, dedicated to proclaiming a lively faith in God, and service to others in the name of Christ.” We are fulfilling this mission, not because of any ‘official’ mission or vision statement; but rather it is the authentic expression of who we are, the people of Christ Church. 


We are an affable and gregarious congregation, very much a family parish where all are welcomed. At Christ Church, the unnoticed visitor does not exist. Both the ‘breakfast club’ after the 8 a.m. service and the ‘coffee hour’ following the 10 a.m. service bear witness to this sense of church family where all our lives are intertwined and, although we each walk our own path to Christ, we are better doing so traveling together. We are not just friendly; we are friends. We baptize and bury, cry and mourn, love and laugh together. And, you? You are joyously welcomed to celebrate with us!

Contact Information

The Rev. Dr. Robert Phillips

Canon for Leadership Development and Congregational Care

Episcopal Diocese of Washington