Christ Church

at Rector
Location Oberlin
Date Posted March 10, 2021
Category Ohio (Percy Grant)
Job Type Full Time
Setting Town
Compensation 60,000
Health Benefits Negotiable
Housing Housing for 4
Equity Allowance Negotiable
Communicants in Good Standing 65
Average Sunday Attendance 47
Budget 294,844
Anglo-Catholic yes
Broad Church yes
Charismatic no
Contemporary no
Emergent no
Morning Prayer yes
Non-Traditional no
Prayer Book yes
Renewal no
Rite I yes
Rite II yes



1. Small, thoughtful, eclectic, dedicated congregation in a good setting.
2. The music is important to the congregation and is exceptional.
3. A small but committed congregation that engages in active prayer-life and is generous with time
and talents.
4. A strong and sustainable financial resource base that continues to be fed by the generosity of
the congregation.
5. An expressed desire to become more diverse in terms of race & ethnicity, economic status and
parishioner age and a strong desire to engage in greater community outreach.
6. A worshiping community that prizes traditional worship and music but is open to inclusion of
modern perspectives of both with musicians that play an integral role in praise and worship.


1. Membership is not growing. No young families.
2. New Outreach to the community is limited. The current program is steady. Lacking in individual
initiative to do outreach. (i.e. waiting to be led rather than leading the waiting)
3. Creativity for programming is lacking (feels somewhat stagnant, even before Covid)
4. An aging congregation that challenges our ability to come together as one body.
5. A parish campus that does not reflect current needs/expectations of the congregation nor the
6. A congregation that does not like to draw attention to itself or, by extension, the Church. Self
deprecating even.
7. A small town that is quite liberal, yet is still in the middle of the cornfields, and so combines
national ideas with a rural mentality.
8. Lack of Diversity in terms of race & ethnicity, economic status and parishioner age--the Parish
does not look like the community or the times it now lives in.
9. To become more relevant to its time and place as expressed in parishioner interviews.
10. Finding the individual leadership within the existing parish to advance changes expressed in parish interviews.


These are the things we are hoping for in a Priest.

1,Ability and desire to understand and embrace the parish and community, and lead the parish in formulating, articulating and pursuing its vision.

2,Ability to relate well personally and compassionately with all persons in the parish, recognizing the diversity in age, social condition and needs of individuals.

3, Ability and desire to be the face of parish leadership in the local community, and to lead parishioners in raising parish visibility.

4, Attracting and increasing greater diversity of the parish in terms of age, ethnicity, social condition, etc. Connect especially with families, strengthen ties to the college community.

5, Ability to formulate and deliver meaningful sermons that relate to daily matters of life, and relate to Christian values.

6, Future leaders need the ability to dance with a partner, with a lightness of spirit, with all people. Appreciating and using music as an avenue to praise and worship God.

7, Embracing the ministry of hospitality.

8, Compassionate honesty allowing for civil disagreement and identifying paths forward.

9, Appreciation of the importance of liturgy and talented musicians as part thereof.

10, Teaching how to use prayer in daily life.

Contact Information

The Rev. Percy Grant, Canon for Ministry