All Saints’ Episcopal Church

at Rector
Location Whitman
Date Posted May 1, 2020
Category Massachusetts (Carol Gallagher, Martha Hubbard, Kelly O'Connell)
Job Type Part Time
Setting Town
Compensation 41,170
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Housing Allowance
Equity Allowance No
Communicants in Good Standing 129
Average Sunday Attendance 44
Child Population in Church School 11
Adult Population in Church School 10
Teacher Population in Church School 6
Budget 97,562
Anglo-Catholic no
Broad Church no
Charismatic no
Contemporary no
Emergent no
Morning Prayer yes
Non-Traditional no
Prayer Book yes
Renewal no
Rite I no
Rite II yes



Well-known in the surrounding community as “The Little Brown Church,” All Saints has been a fixture in Whitman for over a century. We pride ourselves in having families who have been attending for generations as well as welcoming new members with open arms. As a church family, we support each other in celebration, hardship, and sorrow, assisting our brothers and sisters though loving prayer as well as emotional and tangible support. We also feed each other spiritually and literally! With Bible studies, meditative coloring, and other group events, we find ourselves closer to God by coming together. There are many great chefs in our Little Brown Church, both young and not-so-young, and there is no shortage of parishioners willing to sacrifice a few calories to show their support. Our desire to help each other and others around us, near and far, grows as our hearts grow. We have enthusiastically established local and global outreach programs: from supporting Whitman Food Pantry, to fulfilling Christmas wish lists of homeless families on the South Shore, to collecting supplies to donate to the Syrian Refugee Project. We are hungry to support those in need as we thank God for the gifts He has given us. In this time of transition, we have come together more than ever to support each other. We realize that we are All Saints, and our Rector is a bonus who will help to guide our spirits closer to God. We look forward to opening our hearts to the next spiritual guide of our Little Brown Church.


In 2013, during the Reverend Colette’s term as priest-in-charge, we faced our biggest challenge in recent history. The topic of same-sex marriage was brought up at a vestry meeting, which led to a parish-wide meeting to discuss individual feelings on the subject. There was a tremendous divide between parishioners and it came to pass that those against same-sex marriage in the church broke away from All Saints. We lost approximately ⅓ of our members and a significant amount of pledges. The diocese assisted us through this emotional hardship and financial burden. Since that time, we have regrown our parish to include more families and have regained a majority of our financial base in pledges. This challenge was an opportunity to really see ourselves and who we want to be – an environment that is open and welcoming to diversity.  We have same-sex families, mixed-race families, mixed-faith families, many former Roman Catholics, and some members of other faiths who have found more support and community in our parish than they had in their childhood church, temple, or mosque. We have all reached deeply into our pockets and given generously of our time to rise up and flourish anew.


All Saints is looking for an enthusiastic rector of any gender, color, or orientation who will welcome setting us up to a new vision of our church.

Contact Information

Search Committee Co-Chairs:

Allison Akarsu


Phone: 781-956-3831

Rosemary Botelho


Phone: 508-245-3377