Rector, Priest-in-Charge

Date Posted February 27, 2018
Diocese Bethlehem (Anne Kitch)
Location Bethlehem
Position Type Full Time

Position Details

Setting Urban
Compensation 76,000
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Housing Allowance
Equity Allowance No

Parish Profile

Communicants in Good Standing 430
Average Sunday Attendance 119
Child Population in Church School 0
Adult Population in Church School 30
Teacher Population in Church School 3
Budget 381,500
Anglo-Catholic no
Broad Church yes
Charismatic no
Contemporary no
Emergent no
Morning Prayer no
Non-Traditional no
Prayer Book yes
Renewal no
Rite I no
Rite II yes


Committed Leadership: Trinity has been blessed with strong and intelligent leadership both in the position of Rector and in the lay leadership. The Vestry has been active and supportive in furthering the goals of the church in the community.

Additionally, there is an active membership that supports a number of activities within the church, such as the altar guild, which has been restoring many of our treasured historical linens, and in facilitating Adult Forums.

We have a committed and talented musical director and a rich music program. The presence of a number of retired priests serving at the church also provides a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom for the Rector and the congregation to draw upon.

Serving the Community: Located in the beautiful historic district of downtown Bethlehem, Trinity has a vibrant urban ministry most visible in its soup kitchen which serves more than 150 guests each weekday, as well as providing social services.

Acceptance and Openness: Trinity has also been called to the teachings of Jesus to love your neighbor as yourself, and joyfully embrace a policy of acceptance and welcome for all people regardless of race, nationality and sexual orientation.


Declining Membership: Trinity faces challenges both unique to our congregation and shared with the wider Episcopal church.  While Trinity is fiscally sound, and our parish is generous with stepping up to meet special needs, our congregation is aging, and death and moving often removes parishioners who have been key supporters. It is an ongoing challenge to maintain a solid pledging base, and encourage the support of new members.  The Soup Kitchen also struggles to obtain funding and grants in order to support its valuable ministry.

Revitalizing Christian education programs: As with many congregations throughout the world, Trinity is faced with the challenge of engaging new membership. Our Youth Ministry programs have suffered by the declining number of young families attending church, and those that do attend, eventually seek other parishes with a larger population of children and a larger youth education program. This particular challenge is reflective of the larger need to engage in improved outreach to attract new members by more effective communication of the positive role the Church can play.

Contact Information

The Rev. Canon Anne E. Kitch, 610-691-5655