St. Michael's Episcopal Church

Priest in Charge

Date Posted September 20, 2018
Diocese Rhode Island (Linda Grenz)
Location Bristol
Position Type Full Time

Position Details

Setting Town
Compensation 60000
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Housing Allowance
Equity Allowance No

Parish Profile

Communicants in Good Standing 251
Average Sunday Attendance 94
Child Population in Church School 13
Adult Population in Church School 0
Teacher Population in Church School 3
Budget 310,000.00
Broad Church yes
Prayer Book yes


Beautiful, historic church in a seaside town seeks a "vicar of the village." The priest of this parish needs to be someone who enjoys being part of community life, will walk down the block to the coffee shop mornings, have lunch at a nearby cafe, attend events and join organizations in town. Older congregants with some potential for families. Roger Williams College nearby and a preschool housed in the church both offer opportunities to connect with younger people and families.


Church has declined over the past decade and needs an infusion of new life and energy. Has potential but needs vision and leadership. They have multiple buildings with maintenance challenges which they have tackled in the past three years and made good progress. Parish hall across the street has the potential for creative use.


Beautiful place to live and raise a family (if you have one). Current lay leadership ready to work with a new rector and wants leadership. Could go up somewhat on the salary but it likely means spending endowment principle, so needs to be someone prepared to take on the challenge of growing the church. That's not unreasonable and it is what is desired by both the church and diocese. We need demonstrated experience or clear passion and energy to do the work needed to engage the wider community. The advantage is St. Michael's location and its reputation in the community making it a desirable place to attend.

Contact Information

Canon Linda L. Grenz

275 North Main St., Providence, RI 02903

401-274-4500 #2