St. John's Church, Larchmont, NY


Date Posted January 29, 2019
Diocese New York (Nora Smith)
Location Larchmont
Position Type Full Time

Position Details

Setting Suburban
Compensation $163,000
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Housing for 6
Equity Allowance Yes

Parish Profile

Communicants in Good Standing 600
Average Sunday Attendance 148
Child Population in Church School 70
Adult Population in Church School 25
Teacher Population in Church School 12
Budget $971,596


Fellowship is a strength at St. John’s. Active St. John’s parishioners make lifetime friends here and warmly welcome newcomers into our “big tent.” We welcome new parishioners and clergy of any gender, race, age or sexual orientation.  We have a strong tradition of Anglican choral music and many parishioners for whom the Episcopal liturgy and the Book of Common Prayer are central.   We have a long history of outreach, inreach, and education to attract and engage parishioners. We have a longstanding successful nursery school that has the potential to be a magnet for new parishioners.  We are a parish with a healthy financial portfolio and enthusiastic and talented volunteers.  We are confident that, with a rector who is inspired by our strengths and invigorated by our challenges, St. John’s will not only overcome its recent issues, but also grow from strength to strength as a thriving parish and a shining beacon in the years ahead.


In recent years, we have seen pledging units and median pledges decline in alignment with national patterns, and we have drawn on our financial portfolio more than some parishioners feel is prudent.  Communication inside and outside our walls needs to be improved.  As with many established churches, a core of parishioners gives the bulk of the time, talent and treasure needed to keep us vibrant and we need to increase that pool.  Like so many Episcopal parishes in an increasingly secular world, we are growing older rather than growing.   We see an increasing need, especially among the younger members we have and hope to gain, to incorporate newer music and traditions, possibly with a third service on Saturday or Sunday evening.   With the many changes in priests with substitutes and interims we have had in the last 5 years we have let many of our programs and traditions fade away.  We would like to bring them back.  We need a rector who can help us rebuild—and build on all we have achieved in more than a century.


Receiving Names Until: March 25, 2019

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Contact Information

To be considered for the position of Rector, please send your application documents (cover letter, resume, and OTM profile) to, with a copy to the Canon for Transition Ministry, Canon Nora Smith, at:


Nancy Pierson and Diane Goodman
Co-Chairs Search Committee