St. John's Church


Date Posted March 7, 2018
Diocese Albany (Elizabeth Papazoglakis)
Location Massena
Position Type 3/4 Time

Position Details

Setting Rural
Compensation 44,100
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Housing for 5
Equity Allowance No

Parish Profile

Average Sunday Attendance 47
Child Population in Church School 12
Adult Population in Church School 12
Teacher Population in Church School 6
Budget ?
Anglo-Catholic yes
Morning Prayer yes
Non-Traditional no
Prayer Book yes
Renewal no
Rite I yes
Rite II yes


St. John's has always participated at the annual Diocesan Parish Leadership Conference. Our vestry provides scholarships to Beaver Cross (summer camp) for all youth. We have hosted Level I and Level II Schools of Healing Prayer . In our local community, our priests have been involved in the Ministerial Alliance, called GMMA. In years past, we have taken part in Ecumenical Sunday services, Thanksgiving Service, World Day of Prayer , Service for Christian Unity and the SOS Walk. Since 1962, we have hosted the noon day Lenten services and luncheons. St. John's provides building space for AA, Al-Anon, Hospice Grief Support, as well as a volunteer-run medical clinic for uninsured adults. We also support community organizations including food pantries through donations and Souper Bowl Sunday event. Proceeds from Outreach projects support various local, national and international programs, such as the Massena Independent Living Center, The Boys and Girls Club Malawi Projects, Teachers for the Sudan, missionaries and disaster relief as the need arises.


Still working on the dissolution of a relationship with former preist.

Our congregation was fortunate to have instruction in both the Healthy Congregation and Boundaries programs. We have been working hard to eliminate triangles and improve communication. We applied these skills when there was a difference of opinion as to which hymnal to use. After discussion and education with those involved, a decision was made and accepted.


Continues to maintain and even grow during this transition period.

"We have installed a large screen and projector in the parish hall and two large flat panel TVs at each entrance for various purposes, including informational slideshows, large group presentations and movie nights. A new large lighted sign was installed in front of the church which is more welcoming and visible.
We plan to replace a banner on the corner of the property with another constructed sign and we are beginning to replace the Lexan coverings on our stained glass windows to appear more welcoming. We recently renovated a one bedroom, fully furnished apartment in the church. It is our hope for it to be
occupied by a youth minister. In the church's side yard , we have recently installed a children's playground and provided a picnic table and basketball hoop. Children playing on the equipment during Church school and other times show we welcome the youth in our community."

Contact Information

Elizabeth Strickland