St. John's


Date Posted August 29, 2017
Diocese Western Massachusetts (Rich Simpson)
Location Williamstown
Position Type Full Time

Position Details

Setting Town
Compensation $68,000 stipend (includes housing) plus half SECA reimbursement (approximately $6500)
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Housing Allowance
Equity Allowance No

Parish Profile

Communicants in Good Standing 288
Average Sunday Attendance 115
Child Population in Church School 19
Adult Population in Church School 69
Teacher Population in Church School 4
Budget 434,397
Broad Church yes
Prayer Book yes
Rite II yes


Williamstown is a wonderful New England college town marked by a rare combination of natural beauty and intellectual stimulation. People come from across the country and abroad to study and work at Williams College. Parishioners at St. John's come from a variety of faith backgrounds and hold a variety of beliefs. There is a hunger to learn and small groups are well attended. The music program is outstanding. The parish seeks a rector who has a deep faith and is able to lead with warmth and a sense of humor in an active parish with strong lay leadership.


The previous rector served for thirty years. This is not necessarily a challenge: he was loved but also said a good goodbye. The interim has been a time of learning and growth and the parish seems ready for the next chapter.


St. John's is a wonderful parish that has been ably served by their previous rector. The lay leadership really is very solid and fun to work with. The next rector should not be someone intimidated or threatened by shared ministry. There is a diversity of denominational traditions represented at St. John's and a willingness to celebrate that diversity - it's a community center as well as Episcopal parish. There is a desire and hope to be more connected with students at Williams College - faculty and staff are well represented and some students do find their way in but this is an area where potential growth and intentionality are hoped for.

Contact Information

The Rev. Canon Rich Simpson, or (413) 417-2415.