St. George's


Date Posted September 17, 2019
Diocese Long Island (Claire Woodley)
Location Flushing, Queens
Position Type Full Time

Position Details

Setting Urban
Compensation negotiable
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Supplied Housing
Equity Allowance Yes

Parish Profile

Communicants in Good Standing 1,000
Average Sunday Attendance 251
Child Population in Church School 10 - 12
Adult Population in Church School 300
Teacher Population in Church School 20
Budget 657,258
Broad Church yes
Contemporary yes
Prayer Book yes
Rite II yes


St. George's is the only tri-lingual parish in the USA. Members speak English (the congregation is primarily Caribbean) Spanish (Predominantly Puerto Rican/Mexican) and Mandarin.  It is located in the heart of Flushing Queens, where every new wave of emigration lands. Members are deeply committed and there are 3 different ways of celebrating Rite II on a Sunday. There is significant  outreach to the Latinx community with both a food pantry and senior feeding programs and these have deep community connections through out Flushing.  St. George's is a center for the Mandarin speaking Chinese community and a key partner in assisting members become US citizens.  St. George's regularly confirms 30 - 40 people a year.

They are seeking a native Spanish speaker to minister tot he English and Spanish speaking congregations.


St. George's is a tri-lingual parish. Each congregation has a specific character. They are only beginning to develop relationships between the congregations to understand themselves as one parish. This process necessarily has bumps. The successful candidate will have deep community building skills.


Fr. Paul Xie, leader of the Mandarin speaking congregation, the largest and youngest of the three congregations, was recently appointed Priest-in-Charge.  The Spanish speaking congregation is the second largest congregation and does the majority of the outreach activity. The English speaking congregation is primarily an elderly congregation.

Contact Information

The Rev. Paul Xie (Pronounced shay)

135-32 38th Avenue, Flushing, NY 11354-1092