Manakin Church, Midlothian

Date Posted March 6, 2017
Diocese Southern Virginia (Rev. Charles Robinson & Susan Allen)
Location Manakin
Position Type Full Time

Position Details

Setting Suburban
Compensation $73,034 - Negotiable
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing None
Equity Allowance No

Parish Profile

Communicants in Good Standing 369
Average Sunday Attendance 100
Child Population in Church School 31
Adult Population in Church School 0
Budget $294,717


Manakin is a parish with a proud and unique historical context that is often the focus of initial encounter with them.  While this is both a strength and a challenge, it is offered here to illustrate a point.  When confronted with this and its dominant role in the recent development of their on-line profile, they responded with a positive attitude and created a very attractive profile that with a timeline and short narrative that put the history in a very appropriate context and took an honest and forward looking posture.  The parish has very strong leaders with strong connections to the broader community.  Many are alumni of Virginia Military Institute.  The ministries are thriving at Manakin.  This is a highly intellectual parish and formation activities from this perspective by the Rector are desired and supported.


Manakin struggles in its relationship to the Diocese.  They are not trusting of our assistance.  However, this has improved some recently as we have worked very closely in preparing to receive names.  There does not seem to be a significant story that created this distrust, but it is present.  As noted above, the strong leadership is a strength.  The tendency for many of the same people with the same background can create a limited movement.  The next rector has a tremendous opportunity to expand the leadership and spiritual horizons of this very strong parish.


A great opportunity for a priest with strong leadership skills that can work with the fine leaders from a military and corporate perspective, and help channel them toward a broader vision for the parish.  They are in a great community that is poised for growth.  Their next big step is to prepare for that growth.

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