Grace Church, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY


Date Posted January 31, 2019
Diocese New York (Nora Smith)
Location Hastings-on-Hudson
Position Type Full Time

Position Details

Setting Suburban
Compensation $94,328
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Housing for 5
Equity Allowance No

Parish Profile

Communicants in Good Standing 239
Average Sunday Attendance 72
Child Population in Church School 18
Adult Population in Church School 8
Teacher Population in Church School 3
Budget $257,000 (2019 Budget)


The strengths of Grace Church are a very solid, long term, committed membership, which is bright, intellectually curious and giving.  A solid financial situation including generous parishioners and a modest endowment.  A fantastic location and community near New York City, with great schools, culture and activities.  A beautiful, well maintained church building, parish hall and rectory at the cross roads of the village. A history and focus on positive activism and participation in local, state and national causes consistent with the Episcopal life.


As is the case with many churches of all denominations our biggest challenge is to stay relevant in today’s changing society.  Attracting new younger members, families and being visible to those have moved to our village is important to the long term vibrancy of the parish. Staying financially solvent, while maintaining our programs is always on our minds. Running the day to day operations and church life of the parish is always a challenge, but one that the rector, vestry and parishioners have always enjoyed and solved.


Receiving Names Until: March 29, 2019

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Contact Information

Marc Gouran, Search Committee Chair

To be considered for the position of Rector, please send your application documents (cover letter, resume, and OTM profile) to, with a copy to the Canon for Transition Ministry, Canon Nora Smith, at: