Church of the Redeemer, Midlothian

Date Posted March 6, 2017
Diocese Southern Virginia (Rev. Charles Robinson & Susan Allen)
Location Midlothian
Position Type Full Time

Position Details

Setting Suburban
Compensation $110,000
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing None
Equity Allowance No

Parish Profile

Communicants in Good Standing 980
Average Sunday Attendance 202
Child Population in Church School 141
Budget $608,347


Redeemer has a very large and well-developed physical plant that often serves as an effective locale for Diocesan activities in that portion of the Diocese.  They are and have been for many years involved in a wide array in ministries and activities in their community.  These have continued to thrive during a necessarily protracted interim period.  During this interim period they faced some difficult and unexpected challenges and faced them with overall strong leadership, but not without conflict.


The retirement of a 22-year Rector after the recent departure of an Associate Rector created an environment of high anxiety.  The parishioners wanted immediate results.  However, after the appointment of the interim and the examination of the parish operations, a number of unexpected problems came to light, which has resulted in a long interim.  In addition to a number of mismanagement issues and careless operations that had existed for a long period, a significant underfunding of the Church Pension Fund for staff was discovered.  This required some very difficult decisions to be made.  The Interim and Vestry have faced it fully and made some unpopular, but necessary staff and budgetary adjustments.  They identified some areas of weak communication within the parish and have worked very hard to correct them.


This a very good parish that has faced some very difficult challenges due to the overall poor administrative controls that existed over many years.  With corrections now in place, they have strong leaders who are ready to strengthen their ministries and grow into new ones.

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