Church of the Holy Trinity

Priest in Charge

Date Posted September 26, 2017
Diocese Northern Indiana (Terri Bays)
Location South Bend
Position Type 3/4 Time

Position Details

Setting Urban
Compensation 50000
Health Benefits Clergy Only
Housing Housing for 4
Equity Allowance No

Parish Profile

Communicants in Good Standing 38
Average Sunday Attendance 13
Budget 47000
Anglo-Catholic yes
Emergent yes
Prayer Book yes
Rite II yes


Founded as a working-class, Hungarian Episcopal church in the early 1900’s, the Church of the Holy Trinity now serves a very small but vibrant and sacramentally-focused faith community in a neighborhood that at first appears asset-poor, namely the West Side of South Bend, Indiana. This urban neighborhood is plagued by financial poverty, violence and ethnic fragmentation. After decades of identifying as a Hungarian cultural center, Holy Trinity has in recent years been turning towards its immediate neighbors, most of whom are African-American. Through efforts such as hosting conversations around community safety, growing a community garden in its backyard and a twice-monthly Soup After School program, Holy Trinity has been building foundational relationships of mutual recognition and trust within walking distance of the church. The current availability of its 2-bedroom rectory—long rented out as a source of much-needed income—opens the possibility for formation of more contextualized community development.

The folks at Holy Trinity have long been accustomed to making the most out of scarce resources, including part-time pastoral ministry. Because recent growth in stewardship and the inception of a diocesan-level Creative Curacy program open the possibility of hiring a full-time Priest-In-Charge for the first time in over twenty-five years, we are excited about the potential for more deeply engaging the Five Marks of Mission in this faith community. We are seeking an entrepreneurial priest with a heart for community development to lead Holy Trinity into the next stage of its mission on the West Side.


Scare resources in an urban neighborhood plagued by financial poverty, violence and ethnic fragmentation. The work of turning towards the neighborhood is well underway, but not complete. The core congregation is aging, and while not without vision and energy, has faced serious health challenges recently. Administratively, there is quite a bit of deferred maintenance.


We are open to any number of creative possibilities, so if this position is attractive, but doesn't quite fit, be sure to start a conversation with us about what might change to make this a possibility for you.

Contact Information

Terri Bays 574-850-5722