Calvary, Clifton


Date Posted September 11, 2017
Diocese Southern Ohio (Lynn Carter-Edmands)
Location Cincinnati
Position Type Full Time

Position Details

Setting Urban
Compensation $71,000 (negotiable w/experience)
Health Benefits Clergy + 1
Housing None
Equity Allowance No

Parish Profile

Communicants in Good Standing 400
Average Sunday Attendance 123
Child Population in Church School 33
Adult Population in Church School 30
Teacher Population in Church School 9
Budget $600,000
Broad Church yes
Contemporary yes
Prayer Book yes
Rite II yes


Calvary Church is a community of faith with a strong foundation, an open mindset, and a readiness to go where God is trying to move us.  We are looking for someone to make us a little less comfortable with where we are and more comfortable with the process of living up to our potential as individuals and as a congregation.

On the surface, we look like many other Episcopal churches.  But we’re so much more than the stereotypes.  Yes, we love our 161-year history, but we’re not married to it or afraid of the inevitability of change.  Many of us lead comfortable lives, and that’s fine, but we want someone to challenge us, to help us grow.

Outreach is a major focus. Worship is varied with three services, one a non-traditional service for children and families.  Music is integral to worship, with a choir that includes paid section leaders led by a world-class composer and music director.

We are continuously moving closer to God, with diversity key to growth (spiritual and otherwise).  Education is a process, not an end goal.  Fellowship is a ministry and service a calling.


We share some of the same hopes and dreams as many parishes:  we want to grow our congregation, maintain our stately facility, and ensure that our legacy as a gathering of generous souls committed to living a more Christ-centered life goes on for another 160 years.  Here are some of the central themes that we think will help us live out our mission to its fullest:

Build a more diverse body of Christ in our local University of Cincinnati context and welcome and engage with – and find additional ways to reach out to – those who have different (even divergent) viewpoints.

Build the next generation of lay leadership to ensure that our younger members are invested in shaping the direction Calvary is headed, have a real voice, and know that their ideas are heard and incorporated into our planning.

Establish Christian formation at every level so every age group (especially our Young Adults and Adults) have the same support and opportunities as those in our early and elementary education programs.

Strengthen parish life with a more streamlined and responsive way to care for each other, along with a more structured approach to Christian education and formation where we may be challenged, spiritually and intellectually.

Deepen connections to our community and beyond by looking at our current outreach and finding what’s working and how to build on our strengths, broadening involvement without stretching ourselves too thin and risking burnout.

Continued ecumenism by finding ways to deepen and strengthen our connection to other churches, synagogues, and mosques in the city.

Boost Organizational Structure by improving our organizational structure to provide a consistent and transparent committee infrastructure to carry out the functions of the church.


Calvary’s transition has been served well by a solid transition priest.  The people there have discovered new things about themselves (articulated above and in their parish profile). Their core values and challenges reflect a continuation of purpose and others the discovery of new opportunities before them.  For more information visit their website at and their transition page at .


Contact Information

Candidates must apply through the diocesan application form:

Supporting documents accompanying the application should be provided in .pdf format and attached where indicated on the application form:

  • In a (cover) letter addressed to the Search Committee (not the DTM), please articulate what interests you about the position, how you think your gifts and skills apply to the mission and ministry there, and anything else you would like the Search Committee to know about you.
  • OTM Portfolio with all narrative questions answers.
  • Current Resume.

We ask our search committees to hold confidential the identifying information of interested candidates. We ask that you also keep your interest in this position confidential and limited to the search process we follow.

Due to the confidential nature of the search process, we ask that all questions about the position or search process be directed to the Rev. Canon Lynn Carter-Edmands, Canon for Transitions at and that members of the congregation or Search Committee not be contacted directly. Parishioners and friends of Calvary Church have been asked to nominate clergy for consideration by sending names to Canon Carter- Edmands, who will contact the nominees directly.