Church of the Holy Apostles, Virginia Beach


Date Posted March 6, 2017
Diocese Southern Virginia (Rev. Charles Robinson & Susan Allen)
Location Virginia Beach
Position Type Part Time

Position Details

Setting Urban
Compensation $40,000 - Negotiable
Health Benefits Negotiable
Housing None
Equity Allowance No

Parish Profile

Communicants in Good Standing 69
Average Sunday Attendance 72
Child Population in Church School 10
Adult Population in Church School 25
Budget $112,221


Holy Apostles is “unique in the entire world.”  The only ecumenical worshipping community partnership of the Roman Catholic Church and the Episcopal Church, they have existed in Virginia Beach in the Diocese of Southern Virginia for nearly 40 years.  In earlier times, they gathered in a completely ecumenical environment for all parish activities.  They had a single service with two altars and share preaching, teaching, and community activities and ministries.  In response to required changes (see challenges), the currently gather for two sequential services, on Roman, one, Episcopal.  The vast majority of parishioners attends both services and continues to be a united community in outreach and ministry.  In these services, those who cannot receive the Eucharist, come forward for a blessing, including the clergy from both entities.  They have a parish council that serves the role of Vestry and is equally populated by members of both denominations.  These are remarkably committed and faithful people that are fully committed to serving Christ.


In the last several years, the Roman Catholic leadership required that the unified service be eliminated.  This has complicated life at Holy Apostles.  After most parishioners have attended both services in an effort to preserve community, finding time for formation and fellowship activities is difficult.  What changes might result from recent changes in Diocesan leadership in the Roman Catholic Church is yet unknown.   The interim has been helping with the significant grief they experienced after the unexpected death of the Episcopal priest shortly after announcing his retirement.


This will be a part time, but very interesting position for a person attracted to an ecumenical environment and one who is willing to interface with the Roman hierarchy in changing times. This is a restart search in that the initial search did not result in a call.

Contact Information

The Rev. Canon Charles Robinson