St. James, Woodstock

Full Time Rector

Date Posted November 10, 2018
Diocese Vermont (Lynn Bates)
Location Woodstock
Position Type Full Time

Position Details

Setting Town
Compensation $52,112 with church-owned housing; $65,000 with housing allowance
Health Benefits Full Family
Housing Supplied Housing
Equity Allowance Yes

Parish Profile

Communicants in Good Standing 140
Average Sunday Attendance 54
Child Population in Church School 3 children; 2 young adults
Adult Population in Church School 8
Teacher Population in Church School 4
Budget $270,513


From the time of the Mutual Ministry Review (11/2015) to the present, Vestry liaisons to ministry teams for Fellowship/Parish Life/Hospitality, Pastoral Care, Outreach/Mission, and Spirituality/Worship/ Christian Formation, Finance and Stewardship, and Communication have worked with members of the congregation, encouraging them to step into various roles in the ministry of the Church. There is a positive spirit of anticipation and renewed energy to undertake this shared ministry. Of the active members of the Parish, 56 individuals have served regularly, with 29 participating on one or more ministry teams, 6 serving in music ministry, and 21 serving as ushers, lectors, intercessors, crucifer, torch, and chalice bearers. The leadership of the Interim Rector has helped to build on our successes and sustain our efforts to consider new directions in mutual ministry. Two additional ministry teams have been proposed, to engage in Building Community and supporting the Music Ministry.

Vestry members fully embrace our continued close ties to the Diocese of Vermont, and we welcome the partnership of the Bishop and the Diocesan Ministry Support Team as resources to engage the Vestry and members of the St. James congregation in formational activities.

The leadership of our retiring Rector resulted in a sustained period of stability for St. James that is apparent both within and outside of the Church.  Our ties to the local Woodstock community have expanded significantly during the past six years, and our physical infrastructure has been renewed and restored.  We look forward to a future that will fully engage the hearts and minds of the congregation, enabling us to fulfill our Mission: To Love God and To Love Our Neighbors.


St. James’ demographic profile challenges not only our ability to engage members of the Parish, but the very nature of our shared ministry.  Several of our regular Communicants are elders, some of whom are not able to attend services; these individuals often require pastoral care that cannot be provided by our Pastoral Care Ministry Team or the Priest Associate. A significant portion of the service time of the Interim Rector has been required to perform this important work.  At the same time, the active membership of the Parish includes few families with children, and it is our hope that a new clergy leader at St. James will be prepared to work with the Vestry and ministry teams to create program activities that will attract a younger population to our church community.

The Town and Village of Woodstock itself is sustained by an aging population, and it will be important to build relationships beyond the Village and immediately surrounding towns, while maximizing our outreach to tourists, many of who are repeat visitors to the area. With the decline of numbers of historically large donors to the financial support of the Parish, fundraising efforts must shift to building the endowment and expanding the base of contributions that sustain the Church financially.

Our 2018 budget includes support for a half-time Interim minister, and the 2019 Pledge Campaign targeted a 10% increase in giving, in order to allow St. James to call a two-thirds-time Rector.  In October, we received a special three-year pledge in an amount that allows us to call a full-time Rector to St. James in 2019. This pledge was accepted by the Vestry as a challenge to fulfill the promise of growth made possible by our mutual ministry model.  St. James is committed:

  • To reaching its original stewardship goal to support the two-thirds commitment of support for a new Rector. The new pledge will cover the difference between that amount and the cost of full-time ministry for the next three years.
  • To sustaining the support of a full-time Rector, going forward, by continuing our active mutual ministry approach, enabling the new Rector ample time to lead us in securing a Stewardship base that will fund the cost of operations, including ministry, at a sustainable level; and
  • To undertaking efforts to grow the Church endowment through new fundraising programs, including the education of Parish members and friends in the importance of planned giving.

The success of energetic and creative fundraising efforts, led by our new clergy partner, will be closely linked to increasing the size of the congregation, since the current number of pledging units reflects closely our average Sunday attendance.

Finally, we are keenly aware of a significant challenge to expand and improve communication about all aspects of the life of St. James.  We must ensure that all information flows to those who do not use e-mail, while we focus on continuous improvement of multiple forms of electronic communication, including the website, our presence in social media, and the electronic newsletter.


Congregation's website is:; also see the OTM Portfolio:

Rectory is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home with updated kitchen, washer, and dryer. Working fireplace and parking.  Screened patio porch.


Contact Information

Canon Lynn Bates